by | January 20, 2018 | 00:07

Negotiations with the British Airline Pilots' Association are ongoing, the airline said, adding that the majority of flight deck crews in Ireland have already agreed to the pay increases, with the exception of its home base in Dublin. It said Ryanair is disappointed that the remaining 35% of Dublin pilots who are directly employed did not organise a vote by 17 January - so they will not receive the increases in the January payroll.

by | January 19, 2018 | 23:19

This year, Norwegian plans to take delivery of 11 new Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner planes, 10 of which will feature its new expanded Premium cabin which has 21 more seats than the current one. Norwegian allots six and a half hours for the flight service, meaning that passengers on Monday's flight arrived in London more than an hour early.

by | January 19, 2018 | 23:18

The Senate Commerce Committee is expected to announce later Thursday it will hold a hearing next week on the false alert and why it went uncorrected for 38 minutes, officials said. U.S. Sen. Mazie Hirono, a Hawaii Democrat, said it's clear that human error initiated the false alert. While we do not diminish what it felt like in those moments of fear and uncertainty for residents and visitors to Hawaii, we must also frame what it feels like to be a Hawaiian - a descendant of the original ...

by | January 19, 2018 | 23:13

The survey question read, "According to a recent news report , President Trump asked 'Why are we having all these people from shithole countries come here?', referring to immigration from African countries and Haiti". The White House initially did not dispute the account, and Sens. "Close this deal", he said, referencing Trump. Perdue said flatly that the word was never used; Cotton said he did not hear it used.

by | January 19, 2018 | 23:06

Menendez and Dr. Melgen were indicted in the District of New Jersey on charges that included conspiracy, bribery, and honest services fraud", the department said. Last year, Menendez faced 18 counts of corruption and bribery. Defense lawyers argued that Menendez and Melgen were longtime friends with no corrupt intent to commit a federal crime.

by | January 19, 2018 | 22:39

Kenneth Roth, executive director of Human Rights Watch, said in a Twitter post on Tuesday that Washington was "holding Palestinian kids' humanitarian needs hostage to political agendas". On January 16, the USA government announced a contribution of $60 million in support of UNRWA programs, less than half of what is has previously paid at the start of the year.

by | January 19, 2018 | 22:24

South wind 7 to 10 miles per hour. Sunday: A 30 percent chance of rain or drizzle after noon. New snow accumulation of less than one inch possible. Chance of precipitation is 80 percent. Southwest wind 6 to 13 miles per hour. After a week which had the area with high temperatures near 60 and rain before plummeting for a weather system which had forecasters playing a guessing game as to where, what type and how much precipitation the Miami Valley would get on Friday , Feb.

by | January 19, 2018 | 22:17

Formerly a surrogate for President Donald Trump during his 2016 presidential campaign, as well as a former spokesman for the Great America PAC, the retired Navy SEAL was appointed to work in the federal body that oversees volunteer groups like AmeriCorps a mere six months ago.

by | January 19, 2018 | 22:12

Russia's foreign minister warned Thursday that a failure of the Iran nuclear deal, especially as a result of action by the Trump administration, would send "an alarming message" to North Korea and impact all worldwide agreements. The comments came days after U.S. President Donald Trump extended a waiver on nuclear sanctions that were imposed on Iran. Tehran has slammed those bans a violation of both the letter and spirit of the deal.

by | January 19, 2018 | 22:06

The "Blood Moon" part of the Super Blue Blood moon simply refers to the fact that there will be a lunar eclipse on the 31st. The eclipse will last for over an hour, however, Fred says the moon will not be completely dark, instead it will have a reddish glow - giving rise to the term 'Blood'.

by | January 19, 2018 | 22:01

Republicans controlling the narrowly-divided chamber argued that Democrats were holding the entire government hostage over demands to protect "Dreamer" immigrants brought to the country illegally as children. Mr Trump phoned the NY senator to invite him to the White House to try to reach some sort of accord. Some Democrats who met with Trump aide John Kelly on Wednesday say Kelly told them there are parts of the border where a wall isn't needed and that Trump didn't know that when making ...

by | January 19, 2018 | 21:58

That height and weight gives Trump a body mass index (BMI) of 29.9 which places him in the overweight category on the verge of obesity, defined as a BMI of 30 or greater. and brazenly lied even though there are multiple corroborated reports , from Republicans, that the president said this". Over the weekend doctors met with President Trump to administer his physical.

by | January 19, 2018 | 21:56

AS newspaper's report was headlined : "A great goal and nothing else" after a flat performance. "We enjoy it when we win more than when we play well". "We need a winning streak". While they will expect to finish off Leganes at the Santiago Bernabeu next week, Varane insisted that Real are not thinking about their Champions League clash with Paris Saint-Germain in February.

by | January 19, 2018 | 21:55

The amendments also remove Craig Kesson‚ executive director of De Lille's office‚ as chairman of the city council water resilience task team. In 2015 NASA's GRACE satellites produced data showing that more than half of Earth's 37 largest aquifers (underground stores from which groundwater can be extracted using a well) are being depleted.

by | January 19, 2018 | 21:24

I tried citing North Dakota state law to her and she told me that she knew the laws and I needed to cover or leave. "She told me if I chose not to cover, then she would have to ask me to leave, so I told her my review would reflect my experience and I would be relaying the experience in every local mommy group", Hornung said in the post.

by | January 19, 2018 | 21:18

That means that the undocumented immigrants who were previously granted deferred action under the Obama-era program will be able to request a renewal if they filed on or after September 5, 2016-or file for a new request if their DACA expired or was terminated before then.

by | January 19, 2018 | 21:05

Clark County District Court Judge Elissa Cadish asked Crosby as he argued to keep police search-warrant records sealed. Authorities have not named the potential suspect, but confirmed that charges could be filed within the next 60 days. There had previously been no confirmed criminal investigations into the shooting, as the offender, Stephen Paddock, killed himself soon after the killings.

by | January 19, 2018 | 20:59

Divan, in turn, said the petitioners were convinced that if the Aadhaar legislation and the enabling programme were allowed to operate "unimpeded", it would "hollow out" the Constitution, particularly the great rights and liberties it has assured to its citizens.

by | January 19, 2018 | 20:58

The House vote was 230-197 with Republican Reps. Leaders of both parties in the House and the Senate continue to meet to discuss a path forward on the program, but a deal by Friday seems unlikely. More than 21,000 West Virginia children are covered under CHIP . Quite a way for the President to spend the one year anniversary of his inauguration.

by | January 19, 2018 | 20:48

Michigan State Police released wild dashcam video showing a auto slam into a tow truck on the Southfield Freeway in Detroit . A tow truck driver is lucky to be alive after running into a busy MI freeway to avoid getting hit by an out of control vehicle.

by | January 19, 2018 | 20:32

This was not the first time Black had a run-in with police. Before his release on house arrest at that time, Sandra Friedman, Black's probation officer, said in court that his youth and his associations were hampering his ability to stay out of trouble.

by | January 19, 2018 | 20:15

The Trump administration in September initiated the orderly phase out of DACA - the Obama-era policy that allows certain people, known as "DREAMers", who came to the United States as children, and meet several guidelines, to request consideration of deferred action from deportation for two years, subject to renewal.

by | January 19, 2018 | 20:11

The sex abuse issue dogged him nearly to the altar as he prepared to celebrate mass on Thursday. Many Chileans are furious over Francis' 2015 decision to appoint Barros, a bishop close to the Rev. During his trip the pope has met privately with a small group of people sexually abused by priests, after he publicly asked for forgiveness. The remarks triggered anger and demonstrations in Chile, where several churches have been firebombed in the past week.

by | January 19, 2018 | 20:00

We know our military needs some money. Some want to at least fund the military for the full year instead of relying on stopgap bills. That gives members of Congress quite a bit of leeway. But without passing that extension, or any other deal, the federal government would have to shut its doors and furlough the bulk of its employees. During the last shutdown, more than 14,000 air traffic controllers were ordered to keep working without pay.

by | January 19, 2018 | 19:38

Dunn was evaluated and cleared of any concussion symptoms. "He will be re-evaluated tomorrow". The real story was on the court...literally...where Dunn's spill had left a mark that scraped up the paint or lacquer, exposing a white patch. How hard? Take a look at this shot of the floor where he landed. Vincent also noted that Dunn will not be traveling with the team, and will be evaluated at a later date.