by | August 11, 2017 | 01:11

And I've made it very clear the bible gives President Trump the moral authority to use whatever force necessary, including assassination or war, to deal with evil doers like Kim Jong Un. Jeffress's North Korea comments prompted backlash on social media. "And nowhere in the Bible is government commanded to forgive or turn the other cheek".

by | August 11, 2017 | 01:09

In a statement, CNN said "Nazi salutes are indefensible" and " Jeffrey Lord is no longer with the network". Lord tweeted the slogan after Media Matters president Angelo Carusone pointed out a spelling error in a column Lord wrote on Thursday for the right-leaning site The American Spectator .

by | August 11, 2017 | 00:55

Speaking to reporters in New Jersey, he said he wanted to thank the Russian leader for saving the United States money. Mr Trump has rejected the inquiries as a "witch hunt". Special counsel Robert Mueller , who is heading up the main investigation into Russian election interference, left Mr Manafort's Alexandria home with "various records", the Washington Post reported on Wednesday.

by | August 11, 2017 | 00:40

A leaked , congressionally-mandated report from the National Climate Assessment , a government interagency effort to study climate change science, reveals that the United States climate has undergone intense changes in recent decades.

by | August 11, 2017 | 00:29

President Donald Trump and North Korea . Here's a rundown on the island and its significance. Kim said the Guam action would be "an effective remedy for restraining the frantic moves of the the southern part of the Korean peninsula and its vicinity".

by | August 11, 2017 | 00:25

The US does not recognise China's claims to the area. A US Navy warship is reported to have travelled within 12 nautical miles of an artificial island that Beijing claims as its own in the disputed South China Sea on Thursday (10 August), making China's hackles rise.

by | August 11, 2017 | 00:24

The new specificity from Pyongyang about its plans for a potential attack came as Trump and his top national security aides delivered contrasting messages over North Korea's expanding nuclear capabilities. According to a statement attributed to General Kim Rak Gyom, head of North Korea's strategic forces: "Sound dialogue is not possible with such a guy bereft of reason and only absolute force can work on him".

by | August 11, 2017 | 00:08

Ed Markey, who has backed legislation to require Congressional approval before a president could launch a preemptive nuclear strike, tweeted last night, "No U.S. President Donald Trump's daily pronouncements typically are greeted by most Americans with a mixture of sarcasm and humor. The skit also mocked Trump for his Tuesday declaration that "North Korea best not make any more threats to the United States".

by | August 11, 2017 | 00:04

The chief medical director of the hospital, Chris Bode , stated this on Tuesday, while also adding that 100 workers of LUTH were being closely monitored. He also disclosed that epidemic response team is already in those communities carrying out contact tracing operation and enlightening the people in line with best medical practice.

by | August 10, 2017 | 23:50

This will be his maiden foreign visit since taking over in June as part of a power-sharing agreement. During the meeting, the two leaders discussed a wide range of issues of mutual interest, Republica newspaper quoted a source close to Deuba as saying.

by | August 10, 2017 | 23:16

Last week , President Donald Trump backed a Senate Republican-led proposal that cuts legal immigration and significantly reduces the annual number of us visas based on a strict definition of merit-based skills. The US citizen sponsor would have to be responsible for the "W" non-immigrant. During his latest speech at the White House, Trump shared his support to the proposed legislation that will use a skills-based immigration system under the Reforming American Immigration ...

by | August 10, 2017 | 23:09

Guam , of course, is the US territory that North Korea threatened August 9 with " an enveloping fire " from its Hwasong-12 "strategic ballistic rocket". "I would start moving in more THAAD missiles". Two U.S. Air Force B-1B Lancer bombers under the command of Pacific Air Forces joined their counterparts from the South Korean and Japanese air forces August 7 in sequenced bilateral missions.

by | August 10, 2017 | 22:43

He asked fellow militants on the Telegram messaging app, which ISIS sympathisers use widely, to give him more than £600 so he could buy a drone, police said. The United States uses Incirlik, in Adana province, as a key base for air strikes against the IS jihadists in neighbouring Syria. In June, counter-terrorism police in Adana arrested 11 ISIL suspects said to have plotted a truck bombing at Incirlik.

by | August 10, 2017 | 22:39

It has underperformed by 16.70% the S&P500. Going back previous 30 days we noticed that PVG performed along discount change of -12.46%. Paycom Software Inc (PAYC) has $4.16 billion valuation. The brokerage now has a "sector perform" rating on the stock. Barrington Research maintained Stericycle Inc (NASDAQ:SRCL) rating on Wednesday, February 22.

by | August 10, 2017 | 22:39

Deputies say he is armed and unsafe. In the video, authorities also learned he had a firearm with him in the vehicle. The man began streaming live on Facebook at some point. Oakland County Sheriff's deputies originally responded to a 911 call about a suicidal man in Pontiac. Shortly after the check, the subject fled from deputies in a black Dodge Journey and took off down I-75.

by | August 10, 2017 | 22:31

When the actor explained that he was driving cross country to promote his new NASCAR-themed movie, Beatrice quipped, "I could have got my clothes together and come with you!" He bantered with the cashier and later danced with her to the tune of Nas' "If I Ruled The World".

by | August 10, 2017 | 22:31

O'Reilly's show " No Spin News " has a subscription model but puts some clips up for free after it airs, and in his first episode he had Smerconish on to discuss what he calls CNN's "hate Trump" agenda. O'Reilly has offered his commentary on the web show, dubbed " No Spin News ", since he was sacked from Fox News in April over the revelation that he, Fox News and the network's parent company 21st Century Fox paid millions of dollars in settlements to multiple women who accused him of ...

by | August 10, 2017 | 22:20

Aircrews from Ellsworth Air Force Base, South Dakota are very much in the midst of the Korean crisis. It was a ten-hour mission and then the B-1's returned to Anderson Air Force Base, Guam. He pointed out that North Korea would respond " at a minimum against South Korea ", while in the event of larger military action, it would not spare Guam from a strike either.

by | August 10, 2017 | 22:07

The Arkansas Department of Transportation says there was only cosmetic damage to the overpass, and it is still okay for travel. "Fortunately it did not turn into a horrendous disaster", Straessle said. The 1 p.m. spill tied up traffic in both directions for miles, reports The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette . Westbound lanes on I-30 reopened at 5:27 p.m., according to the Highway Department.

by | August 10, 2017 | 22:08

In order to be a bus driver for the Fayetteville School District, you first have to get your Class "B" CDL or Commercial Drivers License. Lee County's fleet of 127 school buses covers 108 routes every day, traveling just over 600,000 miles per year.

by | August 10, 2017 | 22:03

Among living primates, humans are most closely related to the apes, including chimpanzees , gorillas, orangutans and gibbons. These so-called hominoids - that is, the gibbons, great apes and humans - emerged and diversified during the Miocene epoch, approximately 23 million to 5 million years ago.

by | August 10, 2017 | 21:46

The remarks were made by presidential Blue House spokesman Park Su-hyun in a media briefing after the standing committee of the Blue House's National Security Council held a regular meeting to discuss recent events. are a negative factor in the local stock markets that could drag down the index. South Korea has said the bilateral talks will strictly discuss bilateral and humanitarian issues, such as easing the military tension between the divided Koreas along their demarcation line and ...

by | August 10, 2017 | 21:04

A confidential report by the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency says North Korea has developed a nuclear warhead small enough to fit inside a ballistic missile, The Washington Post reported on Tuesday. But, despite Mattis's intervention, the over-all impression that this day conveyed to the world was, by now, a familiar one: this is an Administration that sends mixed messages and spends much of its time trying to clean up messes made by the President.

by | August 10, 2017 | 20:59

With the main source of power to many of those pumps - the ones in the oldest neighborhoods east of the Mississippi River - now severely reduced, the flood risk from an ordinary rainstorm has spiked. "I am therefore urging residents in the affected area in the event of rain to move their vehicles to higher ground, take necessary actions to protect personal properties, stay off of the roadways during storms unless an emergency makes it absolutely necessary to do so", New Orleans Mayor Mitch ...

by | August 10, 2017 | 20:53

Since winning the 2016 election, Trump has insisted that he did, in fact, win the popular vote "if you deduct the millions of people who voted illegally"-a claim that has been repeatedly debunked ". Roughly half of Republicans believe Trump won the popular vote - and would support postponing the 2020 election. Not surprisingly, beliefs about the 2016 election and voter fraud were correlated with support for postponement.