by | August 01, 2017 | 14:26

The Morris County Prosecutor's Office will again take part in National Night Out, an annual community event throughout the country that is created to promote cooperation and understanding between police and the public. on Solar Street and 6 Monarch Townhomes, along King Mill Pike next to NorthStar Church. Activities include games, bounce houses, free food, opportunities to interact with law enforcement and first responders and more.

by | August 01, 2017 | 14:26

Switzerland is officially home to the world's longest suspension bridge. Offering the view of some of the most handsome natural beauty, this bridge also completes a the Europaweg trail, a high-altitude hiking route. Take a look at the new bridge in the photo gallery and video above. The tourist authorities also warn that the bridge is only for " hikers with no fear of heights".

by | August 01, 2017 | 14:21

Shah alleged that it was an understanding between the parties to jointly announce the opposition's prime ministerial candidate but Khan quickly nominated Sheikh Rashid. Defending the party's decision to nominate Sheikh Rashid, PTI leader Shah Mehmood Qureshi said that the AML chief "deserved the honour" of becoming PM as he fought the Panama case "on both political and legal fronts" along with PTI chairman Imran Khan and JI ameer Sirajul Haq.

by | August 01, 2017 | 14:16

McKernon said the inspections are comprehensive, involving hands-on checks by safety officers who go over each ride checking its structural integrity as well as its mechanical and operational integrity. Morgan says it's because the rides are so specialized, the terminology varies. Mark Lewis said his firm has hired an accident reconstruction company and a local investigator to determine what happened.

by | August 01, 2017 | 14:01

U.S. forces carried out a successful test Sunday of a missile-interception system, military officials said . Dianne Feinstein, D-California, said Sunday that North Korea poses a "clear and present danger" to the United States , in the wake of the country's second test of an intercontinental ballistic missile .

by | August 01, 2017 | 13:56

A proposal this past week to repeal portions of the health care law, as long demanded by Trump, required a simple 51-vote majority to pass and still failed. They take 60 votes to end. A recent poll conducted by SSRS (Social Science Research Solutions) shows that 77 percent of Americans would like Republicans to work with Democrats on a bipartisan health care bill, while only 12 percent want to see the GOP continue alone.

by | August 01, 2017 | 13:21

Arsenal Fan TV also waded in and called the channel " sickening " on Twitter, while broadcaster Robert Peston, added: "As an Arsenal supporter I have to pay money to this person". MOTV, which was launched at the weekend in Britain, is owned by the Outdoor Sportsman Group, part of Kroenke Sports Entertainment . "It's guaranteed any hunting that's on there will have be done in an ethical, fair-chase way and it will have been done legally".

by | August 01, 2017 | 13:02

Moeen had a wait an over for his hat-trick ball having taken wickets with the last two deliveries of his previous over. Elgar [136] and Rabada [0] edged behind before Ali struck again to dismiss Morkel - who was originally given not out before the decision was overturned via a review - to aptly cap off a fine return to form.

by | August 01, 2017 | 12:40

The police interceptor versions are the ones really making headlines, but regular drivers are at risk too. Ford said the company has discovered holes and unsealed spaces where equipment was installed after leaving the factory. While there have been reports of exhaust odors in some regular Explorers, those instances are unrelated to reports of carbon monoxide described by some police departments.

by | August 01, 2017 | 11:52

Steven Adams and the Oklahoma City Thunder will host the ANBL's Melbourne United for a pre-season game in early October. Dates for those contests have not yet been announced. "This is another big leap forward for the NBL and Australian basketball", said Kings coach Andrew Gaze , a former NBA player and five-time Olympian.

by | August 01, 2017 | 11:39

Members of his administration took to the airwaves to try to compel lawmakers to take action. Cornyn said Friday morning that Democrats would own any future problems in the health insurance market related to Obamacare . US President Donald Trump has warned of slashing subsidies provided to people enabling them to buy health insurance if Republican lawmakers can not quickly approve a legislation to replace Obamacare.

by | August 01, 2017 | 11:35

He said he had made a decision to step down because the polling results were building a narrative that was getting in the way of the party's important messages. "I got a joking text from one of them to me saying "thanks for keeping me in the loop Dad"." - the speed of the leadership change meant he didn't get a chance to tell his daughters before it broke in the news.

by | August 01, 2017 | 11:14

By signing the bill into law, Trump can not ease the sanctions against Russian Federation unless he seeks congressional approval. Meanwhile, Russia on July 31 retaliated over the sanctions in the bill by ordering the United States to reduce its diplomatic staff in Russia by 755 people.

by | August 01, 2017 | 11:05

The Washington Post reports that it was the president who told Donald claim in his statement that the subject of the June 2016 meeting was the ban on U.S. While Trump and his lawyers refused to provide the Post with a comment, Trump Jr.'s lawyer, Alan Futerfas, told the Post that he and his client "were fully prepared and absolutely prepared to make a fulsome statement" about the meeting.

by | August 01, 2017 | 10:12

Cornering Congress , the BJP president said that the country was getting to seen scams nearly every month during the UPA tenure; Modi government has shown scam free rule in the three years of being in power. When pressed to elaborate, Shah said that he did not think it was Nitish Kumar split from Lalu Prasad Yadav; instead, it was the Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) chief who broke away from Nitish Kumar by not following the latter's zero tolerance policy.

by | August 01, 2017 | 09:59

If this were any other American president and any other White House, Anthony Scaramucci would have been fired the moment an interview was published quoting him using profanity repeatedly to describe his co-workers. US President Donald Trump (3rdR) speaks during a cabinet meeting at the White House in Washington , DC, on July 31, 2017 . Now everyone in the White House reports to Kelly, Sanders said.

by | August 01, 2017 | 09:42

They still were working Monday evening to release the bill to Rauner. The state of education funding in IL is still up in the air, with less than a month before school starts in School District 308. IL legislators have adjourned the third day of a special session without wading into a school funding fight. "Finally, this afternoon, the bill was sent to the governor's desk.

by | August 01, 2017 | 09:21

Panning the camera around to another one of her friends, the woman tells the cameras: "You're judging her, stop judging her!" This time round, though, she chose to get a little bit more direct - telling them to get the f over themselves and let her life her life.

by | August 01, 2017 | 09:09

It suggests there will be "a lower tax rate for small businesses so they can compete with larger ones, and lower rates for all American businesses so they can compete with foreign ones". Number two, let's follow the Mnuchin rule that we will not widen the income inequality in our country that this isn't just another tax cut like the healthcare repeal to help those at the very top.

by | August 01, 2017 | 08:52

Low temperatures are only expected to reach in the mid-60s and low 70s in the mid-valley during the heat wave, according to the Weather Service . In Eugene and Salem, the all-time record high temperatures are 108 degrees. There will be little relief overnight with temperatures remaining much warmer than normal. If possible, reschedule your outdoor activities to early morning or the evening.

by | August 01, 2017 | 07:52

During this time, McCloughlan was wounded multiple times but continued to give aid to troops under fire and pull them to safety. "As one of his comrades recalled: 'Whoever called 'Medic!' could immediately count on McCloughan". McCloughan was drafted into service and after returning home used his degree in sociology and teaching certificate to teach and coach sports at Michigan's South Haven High School.

by | August 01, 2017 | 07:48

However, the organization cautioned only "21,075 emails have been individually forensically verified" through its Domain Keys Identified Mail system . In May, the Macron campaign had blamed Russian actors for the cybersecurity breach, but Russia denied responsibility. "As the emails are often in chains and include portions of each other, it is usually possible to confirm the integrity [of] other emails in the chain as a result of the DKIM verified emails within it", the statement reads .

by | August 01, 2017 | 07:29

Trump has previously to withhold the payments, known as cost-sharing reduction (CSR) payments, which lower the amount individuals have to pay for deductibles, copayments and insurance. They are on the record as voting to repeal Obamacare and that is good enough for them. But the law, which helped 20 million people obtain health insurance, has steadily grown more popular.

by | August 01, 2017 | 07:28

According to the new law , which takes effect November 1 this year, Internet service providers are required to block access to proxies and VPNs, as they are often used my extremists to spread content and ideas. VPNs have a multitude of uses. Today the authorities have given themselves an instrument to ban the use of VPNs and other technologies that help people to freely access information online.

by | August 01, 2017 | 06:16

During the July 25 incursion, PLA troops are said to have bullied shepherds grazing cattle during a two-hour stay, officials in the know said, speaking on the condition of anonymity. He added that Uttarakhand's Barahoti has been under dispute since 1962 and thereafter annually, along the entire border of about 4,000 km, there have been 400-500 transgressions.