by | June 26, 2017 | 03:48

During his time in the D.C. area, Hodgkinson visited various sites along the National Mall, including the U.S. Capitol, the Library of Congress and the Supreme Court, based on photos and videos retrieved from his cellphone, the Federal Bureau of Investigation said.

by | June 26, 2017 | 03:43

Last week, a jury acquitted Minnesota officer Geronimo Yanez on charges stemming from shooting Philando Castile , who had indicated he had a legal firearm in his auto when he was stopped. Their exchange lasts less than two minutes and was captured on body camera video. Former University of Cincinnati officer Ray Tensing shot the 43-year-old DuBose after pulling him over for a missing front license plate July 19, 2015.

by | June 26, 2017 | 03:09

The Washington Post reports that Nabra's mother said a detective told her Nabra had tripped over the abaya she was wearing and fell to the ground just before Torres struck her with the bat. Her funeral is planned for Wednesday afternoon, with a private burial to follow. Police in Virginia are continuing to investigate Sunday's fatal attack on a teenage Muslim girl .

by | June 26, 2017 | 03:02

The National Weather Service says that the highest rainfall totals will be seen in the Delta region, from El Dorado to Monticello. In Gulfport, Mississippi, Kathleen Bertucci said heavy rains Wednesday sent about 10 inches (250 millimeters) of water into her business selling granite countertops.

by | June 26, 2017 | 02:45

The reason is simple: The foundation of Obamacare, a dramatically enhanced federal role in health insurance, has failed to deliver on the promises of its architects. "Obamacare's" results have been mixed, with lower enrollment than expected, big losses for many insurers, and sharp premium increases. The bill would replace its individual insurance coverage with new subsidies and requirements and cut federal funding for Medicaid .

by | June 26, 2017 | 02:43

The bill would let states get waivers to ignore some coverage requirements under Obama's law, such as specific health services insurers must now cover. Sens. Paul Ryan of Kentucky, Ted Cruz of Texas, Mike Lee of Utah and Ron Johnson of Wisconsin all said they would not support the current bill after its long-awaited reveal.

by | June 26, 2017 | 02:33

In the Smith shooting, Heaggan-Brown claimed self defense while prosecutors say Smith became unarmed between two gunshots fired within two seconds of each other. Family members of Sylville Smith , left, and their attorney speak to the media Wednesday, June 21, 2017, in Milwaukee after former Milwaukee police officer Dominique Heaggan-Brown was acquitted of first-degree reckless homicide in the killing of Smith .

by | June 26, 2017 | 02:29

They say party leaders have gone too far in rigging the system in their favor. In March, judges ruled that three of the state's 36 congressional districts were illegally drawn to intentionally discriminate against minorities. Both sides asked the court to expedite its decision , as the school districts need to know by August 4 what their budgets are. "Well, that's as much a political judgment and partisan gerrymander as the one that the plaintiffs alleged to have occurred", Esenberg ...

by | June 26, 2017 | 02:29

It includes the phrase "I Love Islamic state". Government websites, many of them in OH, were hacked Sunday with a message that purports to be supportive of the Islamic State terrorist group. Sunday. He hoped the websites would be up and running sometime Monday. All affected servers have been taken off line and we are investigating how these hackers were able to deface these websites.

by | June 26, 2017 | 02:25

A black police officer has been accidentally shot by a white co-worker who "feared for his safety" in the while chasing a vehicle. According to the St. His attorney, Rufus Tate Jr., says the shooting is a "real problem", Fox 2 reports . The officer who shot the off-duty officer is 36 years old and has been with the department more than eight years.

by | June 26, 2017 | 01:46

Their argument is that Trump - who kept ownership of his businesses when he became president of the United States - is violating the so-called emoluments clauses of the Constitution. Maryland attorney general Brian Frosh using the example that for a decade Trump had tried and failed to get trademark protection from China. Since taking power in January, Trump has turned day to day control over his real estate empire and other assets to his adult sons, but not sold them off as many ...

by | June 26, 2017 | 01:41

The nuts and bolts of legislation and the maddening, unpredictable ways and rhythms of Congress can seem foreign to him. As we have said before, Obamacare isn't sacrosanct. They spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss private calls. Even President Trump reportedly called a different version of the bill mean. If it passes, it would have to reconciled with the House version before Trump could sign it into law.

by | June 26, 2017 | 00:31

They typically will use electrical power from generators, wind power, or solar power. Amateur radio, sometimes known as ham radio, is an interesting way of communication because it can reach great distances without the use of the internet or phones.

by | June 25, 2017 | 07:42

In southwest Louisiana, not far from where Cindy came ashore before dawn, motorists in trucks drove through knee-high water in the streets of Cameron Parish - but there was no serious flooding. The National Weather Service says a storm spreading across the Tennessee and OH valleys is winding down. Then into the central Appalachians Friday and Saturday .

by | June 25, 2017 | 07:34

Joan Benso of Pennsylvania Partnerships for Children says Medicaid coverage for more than 1 million children in Pennsylvania will suffer under the bill . Senate Republican leaders may rely on the deal-making former businessman to lean on conservative senators who are balking at the bill. "For immediate stability of the individual market, there are a lot of things in this bill that are really positive", Grow said.

by | June 25, 2017 | 07:34

The Association of American Medical Colleges said it's "extremely disappointed" by the Senate bill, which it said would leave only skeletal health care plans for many . The Senate bill does not include some of the particularly harsh aspects of the House legislation, including a provision that would let states end protections for people with pre-existing conditions.

by | June 25, 2017 | 07:12

It also cost Portugal the services of Pepe in the semifinals. " I think the New Zealand team deserved to score a goal... and they're a team with great spirits and capacity", he said. New Zealand had chances and most fell to captain Chris Wood. Even so, coach Anthony Hudson was proud of his side, who refused to shut up shop in the second half.

by | June 25, 2017 | 07:11

Oklahoma Mayor Mick Cornett said the negativity in political debates at the state and federal levels trickles down to city council and neighborhood meetings. "In cities you are comfortable with diversity and more likely to understand that the "us versus them" mentality is a very poor way of thinking", he said.

by | June 25, 2017 | 06:52

The USS Fitzgerald sailed into port on Saturday evening but search and rescue efforts by USA and Japanese aircraft and surface vessels were continuing for the seven missing sailors , the Navy said. Charles Williams, commander of Task Force 70, said in a release. Aucoin said the crash left a big hole below the water line. Stackley promised to "fully investigate" the cause of the collision .

by | June 25, 2017 | 06:44

Erasing Obama's law has been a marquee pledge for Trump and virtually the entire party for years. The proposal would impose long-term federal spending cuts on the program. "I have to start off by, I guess first congratulating all of the millionaires on the incredible gift that they're about to get", Danielson said. "And we'll see if we can take care of that".

by | June 25, 2017 | 06:42

States could not get exemptions to Obama's prohibition against charging higher premiums for some people with pre-existing medical conditions, but the subsidies would be lower, making coverage less affordable, Pearson said. "I'm proud of the Republican governor of Nevada, Brian Sandoval, for being one of the very first governors to take to Medicaid expansion because he knew that he depended upon young workers, many of whom were here as the first of their generation", Clinton said Saturday.

by | June 25, 2017 | 06:20

The jurors told the judge they were "almost evenly split" after deliberating for 31 hours. The first round also ended in a mistrial past year with a jury unable to come to a unanimous verdict after deliberating for more than 20 hours. The jurors told the judge they were nearly evenly split. Jurors have resumed deliberations for a fifth day in Ohio's murder retrial of a white former police officer in the shooting death of an unarmed black motorist.

by | June 25, 2017 | 06:17

National Weather Service officials in the three states said rainfall totals of 2 to 4 inches (50 to 100 millimeters) were expected, with isolated amounts up to 6 inches (150 millimeters). Heavy rainfall associated with remnants of the storm caused scattered street flooding across central and southern IN on Friday. People reported damage throughout the area, including in McAdory, Fairfield and Ensley.

by | June 25, 2017 | 06:00

Politifact notably named that claim its " Lie of the Year " in 2013. Senate Republican leadership released their highly anticipated health care bill this week, but as of now, there's a lot of uncertainty over whether it will pass the Senate.

by | June 25, 2017 | 06:01

Trump did not say exactly what he thought had changed about Comey's story. "But I did not tape". Congressman Biggs' statement impugned the honor of federal investigators. "He said, "you never know, ' and referenced what he said was the 'horrible situation" with surveillance all over the place", Smith noted, showing a clip of Trump during an interview earlier that day on "Fox & Friends".