'Yanny' or 'Laurel': What Do You Hear This Voice Saying?

'Yanny' or 'Laurel': What Do You Hear This Voice Saying?

To cut right to the chase, here's the recording, as shared on Twitter by influencer and designer Cloe Feldman.

And, in the words of Houston Texan JJ Watt, "Yanny vs. Laurel is starting some real fights", as social media users continue to debate which name they heard.

Apparently, both sides are correct, according to findings from some Reddit users.

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"Yanny.... I listened 10 times and cant figure out how anyone hears laurel", one person Tweeted. "Turn the volume up and play it on some speakers that have actual bass response (aka not your phone) and you will hear Laurel".

"Watched this for 5 min and heard yanny...watched it 5 min later and I hear laurel". The human brain can't process both at once, though, so it picks one to process, depending on your hearing range. Well buckle up, folks, because there's a new viral sensation causing divisions in offices and group texts everywhere: an audio clip of a computerized voice saying a word.

Obviously this also depends on individual physiology and on what you "expect" to hear.

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