Tory MOCKS Nicola Sturgeon's 'hysterical' articles in FURIOUS Holyrood Brexit speech

Tory MOCKS Nicola Sturgeon's 'hysterical' articles in FURIOUS Holyrood Brexit speech

Sturgeon said that when there was clarity on the shape of the Brexit deal between the United Kingdom and the European Union then she would be ready to give more details about Scotland's attitude towards a new independence vote.

Scottish Brexit Minister Mike Russell will now write to Theresa May's de facto deputy, David Lidington, calling on him come to Scotland and hear "hear the concerns of all parties and to discuss with the Scottish Government and the UK Government any new ideas from any of the parties".

The dispute centres on what will happen to devolved powers which are now knitted into EU-wide frameworks of rules and regulations after the United Kingdom leaves the EU.

"It strikes me that if the UK Government decides after tomorrow to carry on regardless, it demonstrates we were right not to take some of this on trust", she noted.

The Scottish parliament's approval is not legally necessary for the bill to become law, as Westminster can disregard Holyrood, but such a move would provoke the biggest political rift between the two institutions since devolution in 1999.

The majority of Scottish lawmakers - 93 people - cast their ballots against the bill which defines post-Brexit sharing of power between regional authorities.

Scotland's governing Scottish National Party thinks the bill could undermine the Edinburgh government by letting London seize too many powers being returned from Brussels.

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Plaid AM Adam Price said: "We are joining a very select club of national Parliaments, if we pass this motion today, that have voluntarily chose to cede their own authority".

The Scottish Conservatives voted against, and have blamed the SNP for the failure to find an agreement.

Meanwhile, the UK Government has accused Scottish opponents of "nit-picking" and told its Scottish counterparts the "door is still open" for a deal to end the long-running Brexit powers dispute.

That is why in the wake of the vote, Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon pledged to seek independence from London and secure the nation's place within the bloc. SNP member of the Scottish parliament (MSP) Christina McKelvie said on Tuesday that clause 11 would allow Ms May's government to start dismantling the devolution framework on which the Scottish parliament is based.

He said the blame for the lack of agreement in Scotland was because of Nicola Sturgeon.

"I'm not sure independence will ever be off the table until it is realised", Sturgeon said on Monday.

The Scottish vote came as Ms May's cabinet subcommittee on Brexit met amid enduring differences over Britain's customs relationship with the European Union after Brexit.

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