Coinbase Offers New Institutional Investor Products

Coinbase Offers New Institutional Investor Products

In keeping with Coinbase's mission, White highlights its efforts to stay in line with SEC regulations for cryptocurrency trading, which has made the exchange a favorite among institutions cautious to enter the space.

Given the recent interest in blockchain and cryptocurrency from giants like NASDAQ, The New York Stock Exchange, Goldman Sachs, and JP Morgan, it is hardly surprising that Coinbase is seeking to diversify its streams of revenue by catering to Wall Street.

Coinbase is also making a huge investment in Chicago for the creation of a new engineering office there.

Specifically created to " provide a suite of tools and services that institutional investors rely on when trading cryptocurrency", Coinbase Prime will offer both lending and margin financing products, OTC trading, algorithmic trading, market data, and research products to qualified clients. This movement requires institutional grade products and services, something Coinbase has been developing with leading institutions and which we are proud to formally launch today.

The second new product is the company's new electronic marketplace called Coinbase Markets that will offer a centralized pool of liquidity for all of Coinbase products. This office will serve as the home for the Coinbase Markets team and enable Coinbase to continue offering the most performant and reliable cryptocurrency exchange. "We look forward to adding talented engineers who are motivated by our mission to create an open financial system for the world", said he.

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Coinbase Prime is going to be a separate trading platform only for institutional investors. Over the course of the year Coinbase intends to offer lending and margin financing products to qualified clients, high touch and low touch execution services like over-the-counter (OTC) trading and algorithmic orders and new market data and research products. "We will also introduce platform improvements like multi-user permissions and whitelisted withdrawal addresses".

At Coinbase, we welcome these developments as they help accelerate the world's adoption of cryptocurrency by bringing new capital, greater awareness, and additional infrastructure to the space.

Other offerings include the Coinbase International coverage group, which will be headquartered in NY and is intended focus exclusively on the needs of institutional clients by providing sales, sales trading, research, market operations, and client services support.

High-end institutions, such as banks, expect high-end customer service. To learn more or sign up as an institution, please visit Coinbase Prime.

According to the Coinbase CEO, Brian Armstrong, an increasing number institutional investors are becoming interested in trading (or investing in) - he estimates that around $10 billion in institutional money is sitting on the sidelines, waiting to be unlocked - and that they are saying that the biggest barrier to entry for them is the lack of a digital asset custodian service that they can trust.

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