Clay's Clayne Crawford replaced by Seann William Scott on Lethal Weapon

Clay's Clayne Crawford replaced by Seann William Scott on Lethal Weapon

He also claimed Crawford "hit another actor in the mouth with a bottle of green tea and busted his mouth open".

The actor also posted a photo of a pole with a printed out photo of Crawford on it. "Clayne Crawford is an emotional terrorist", the poster read.

As one of the latest cases involving a TV star at the center of misconduct accusations, Clayne Crawford's Lethal Weapon situation stemmed from claims about how the actor treated others in the cast and crew.

Clayne Crawford was sacked from Fox's Lethal Weapon last week over alleged behavioral issues on set and it's now clear that his former co-star, Damon Wayans, won't miss him.

The hit cop show, a spinoff of the Mel Gibson-Danny Glover buddy cop movie of the same name, was renewed on Sunday with Scott stepping in to replace Crawford. In one of two reported incidents, both of which Crawford confirmed to have occurred, he was directing an episode and Wayans was hit with a piece of shrapnel.

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Scott will be playing the brother of Crawford's Martin Riggs, who will join Wayans' Murtagh as they chase the bad guys in Season 3. Producers were left to scramble to find a replacement for Crawford in the two-hander, with multiple stars passing on offers to join the Fox show until Scott engaged. I stopped watching Warner Bros TV's revisionist Batman origin story after its first season as I wasn't a fan of its convoluted storytelling, but by all accounts the show has grown from strength to strength, especially on the back of Cameron Monaghan's critically acclaimed performance as a proto-Joker villain named Jerome. He said the first incident happened when he became angry with what he deemed unsafe working conditions on the set - which now appear to have involved his co-star.

In a series of additional tweets, Wayans continued to share details about Crawford's alleged toxic behavior around the show's set. In another tweet he alleged that Crawford, who was sacked from "Lethal Weapon" over "bad behavior" on the set, "hit another actor in the mouth with a bottle of green tea and busted his mouth open. And [struck] fear in cast and crew".

The news comes days after Crawford was sacked from the Fox series following alleged bad behavior on set.

These are obviously some incredibly major accusations against Clayne, who issued an apology after his firing and admitted to being reprimanded on set a couple of times. My heart is full. Weeks earlier, the actor had taken to Instagram to admit that he'd been reprimanded twice while filming the second season of the show. "I am incredibly sorry if my passion for doing good work has ever made anyone feel less than comfortable on our set, or feel less than celebrated for their efforts", he wrote. Right after the incident, Wayans was reportedly sent home for the day, and when he came back to work, he set limitations to what he was willing to do in the episode, citing safety concerns.

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