As thousands of teachers march, North Carolina legislature opens

As thousands of teachers march, North Carolina legislature opens

Brittney Dennis and Sabrina Peacock are two third-grade teachers at different stages of their careers.

More: When teachers close the schools in protest, what happens to the kids? Like other hot-spot states, North Carolina saw increases in various support categories, with the biggest percentage increase in "other support", which grew 50 percent.

Sabrina Peacock: This is my 24th year of teaching in Guilford County Schools.

Several North Carolina school systems are shut down for the day, because of the number of teachers who have requested off to attend.

Peacock: We were watching the teachers across the country that were doing the walk-outs. Around 991,000 public school students, or 65 percent of the state's enrollment, have Wednesday off.

For those in the Western North Carolina who are unable to attend the events in Raleigh, there is a local satellite march in Asheville starting at 10 the BLOCK off Biltmore. There are many times that we voice our opinion, but we don't always advocate for ourselves like we should. Our legislators need to do more to ensure we have excellent schools. In addition you can find us on UNC-TV's North Carolina channel Friday night at 10 p.m., Saturday afternoon at 4 p.m. and Sunday morning at 10 a.m. That was years ago, many, many years ago.

Dennis: That's something I've never experienced.

Across the US 30 percent of new teachers leave the profession within five years. There was mentor pay.

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As much as we would love to have more pay, we would also love to make sure we have things in our buildings, that we have people in our buildings, we have resources that we need.

"That's more than a lot of people out there in the private sector are getting", Moore said. According to US Census data, the median household income in North Carolina is $48,256. We're talking copy paper, we're talking building structure necessities. We petitioned the state to become the first charter school to give weighted lottery preference to economically disadvantaged families.

Peacock: Pay is important, it is very important.

"I am a teacher".

Alison Baker, a science teacher at SouthWest Edgecombe High School, said she's supportive of teachers going to Raleigh on Wednesday and of all of the N.C. Association of Educators' goals.

There are at least 300 educators heading to Raleigh from Buncombe County and Asheville City Schools for the advocacy day, said Paula Dinga, an educator and member of the Buncombe County Association of Educators. "The only time you can really do that significantly is during the long session".

Senate President Pro Tem Phil Berger did not go into specifics, but he said that he believes all educators along the state salary scale will see pay increases of a varying nature. (There is more money kicked in for higher degrees and certifications). I think that more teachers have done more research and educated themselves about the policies that affect them.

Legislators, now is the time to adjust spending on education.

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