WhatsApp now allows you to re-download deleted photos and videos

WhatsApp now allows you to re-download deleted photos and videos

We have all been through this. Now, users can redownload the lost media like pictures, videos, voice messages, documents etc. Users can update the messenger app to Whatsapp version 2.18.113, the new feature has been released between the WhatsApp version 2.18.106 to 2.18110. WhatsApp assures that with end-to-end encryption in place the data transferred between two users, who are on the latest versions of WhatsApp, are secured by unique secure code that only the two users can access. Recently the company has been introducing various new features in its latest updates.

The new update will let the user download the image or video even after it has been downloaded earlier. Basically, the WhatsApp servers will store the media files even after downloading them. When a media file is downloaded successfully, the app does not delete it from the server. However, it is important to note if you have deleted the message, then there is no way to download the data. When it comes to very old media files, it claims that they were not able to download images sent in August 2017 as the app asked them to request the sender to send the files again. It was found that the bug was only affecting the WhatsApp beta version 2.18.109 that was released on April 12. Once identified, WhatsApp will trigger the UPI payment feature and the user can just type in the payment amount and complete the transaction. Earlier, WhatsApp stored only un-downloaded media that too for 30 days and used to delete it from the server once the user downloaded it.

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As per the reports, the timestamps for the chats on the WhatsApp for Android was showing as "89ESTERDAY" and "84ODAY" instead of Yesterday and Today. Due to a mysterious bug, the timestamp on the chat window of users is appearing with numbers.

The new "Change Number" feature update is now available in the 2.18.97 Android beta update on Google Play Store.

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