The Best Signs From This Year's March For Science

The Best Signs From This Year's March For Science

The Monterey Bay Aquarium held a similar event past year for the inaugural march, featuring several of the aquarium's African penguin colony residents.

Locals say this is a march is to bring awareness about the subject and also holding elected officials responsible when implementing policy without looking at the facts.

In more than 230 cities around the world - from Durban, South Africa to Washington DC and Sydney, Australia as well as Munich, Frankfurt and Cologne in Germany - marchers and demonstrators turned out for the second annual March for Science. Organizers estimated that 15,000 people took part in San Diego's march a year ago.

Participants in the march, which took place in cities across Canada and around the world, hope to promote the need for all levels of government to tackle policy making with a scientific and evidence based approach.

"It's time for people to be aware of what's going on", said an attendee.

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"We need to speak up, or policy decisions will be made without scientific input", the toxicologist told CNN.

"Funding for science continues to remain abysmally low in India while all developed countries or those aspiring to reach that stage of development are, in keeping with requirements of the knowledge era, investing much higher proportions of GDP in S&T research", said a statement by the organisers.

"There's no room for climate deniers", she said.

Many speakers directed their ire toward the President and the Republican party, voicing their opposition to budget proposals by the Trump administration that would cut billions from the Department of Health and Human Services and the Environmental Protection Agency.

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