Shenmue I and II will release on modern consoles and PC

Shenmue I and II will release on modern consoles and PC

Shenmue I & II are available for pre-order from the first-party retailer with pre-orders opening on Steam and other USA and EMEA retailers soon. However, they will have improved textures, higher resolutions and PC gamers will be gifted a bunch of graphic enhancement options. However, we suspect the modern option will fix some of the.wonkiness of the original game's controls.

On top of this, there'll be an element of novelty in the likes of the achievements included on all the platforms (PC via Steam, PS4's Trophies, and Xbox One), and there will be the opportunity to choose among Japanese and English dubs. During the Sega Fes event in Japan, the publisher announced it is bringing both the first Shenmue and its sequel, Shenmue II, together in one package to PS4, Xbox One, and PC later this year.

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There's quite a lot to take in following the reveal of this collection.

In addition to pricing info, Koralik also squashed a rumor that the time skip feature from Shenmue 2 would be added to the original game in the remaster. The game's lows were quite low, but its highs include some incredible sequences and fantastic plot twists that help make it one of the greatest revenge stories of all-time.

The video below is the announcement trailer for "Shenmue " 1 and 2, which Sega has just announced to be coming out later this year as a two-in-one bundle.

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