Quad Citians have mixed reviews about Allegiant Airlines after 60 Minutes story

Quad Citians have mixed reviews about Allegiant Airlines after 60 Minutes story

The airline provides several nonstop flights from Blue Grass Airport, including many in Florida.

Allegiant defended its safety and says the report by CBS News' "60 Minutes" tells a "false narrative" about the airline.

Ratliff also said he trust the FAA to put safety first by making sure an airline is doing everything right, and that Allegiant is under pressure from this report to be doing everything right now.

"Had anything been noted by the FAA that would have looked as though the airline was unsafe or was operating in a reckless fashion they would have suspended operations until everything was as it needed to be".

According to the report, documents show "an alarming number" of serious mechanical incidents including mid-air engine failures, smoke in the cabin, rapid descents and unscheduled landings. "Yet for the most part, allegiant's difficulties have managed to stay under the radar of the flying public", CBS News' "60 Minutes" reported Sunday.

However, 60 Minutes reports that according to federal aviation records and interviews with pilots, mechanics and industry experts, it may also be the most unsafe.

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Others commented on our Facebook post with mixed reviews. This one-sided presentation falls far short of responsible journalistic standards expected from reputable outlets, including 60 Minutes. Allegiant says it operates at the "highest safety standards". "We are disappointed yet again by another feeble attempt to damage the reputation of our hard-working team members and that of our company".

Another one of the claims Allegiant made was that CBS was working with old information. "We have safely carried almost 90 million passengers since beginning operations in 2001".

"The FAA has conducted ongoing evaluations of Allegiant's safety compliance, as it does with all carriers, and has not identified any significant or systemic problems with the carrier's current operation", FAA Associate Administrator Ali Bahrami wrote.

"We are pleased to report that all the Allegiant planes based here at the Punta Gorda Airport are newer Airbus A320s - which the community and passengers have welcomed because they are more reliable and quieter than the MD80 planes". Would it affect your decision to fly on Allegiant? We will continue to work with Allegiant and our regulatory partners in providing safe travel experiences for our passengers. However, we ask that you refer to Allegiant or the FAA for any specifics.

In the first quarter, Allegiant had 3,279,368 scheduled passengers, up from 2,845,480 in the first quarter of a year ago, according to a press release issued April 5. The Times examined the Las Vegas-based budget airline's safety record for 2015, finding that Allegiant made emergency landings at four times the rate of other USA airlines.

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