One More Word About The Stormy Daniels Affair

One More Word About The Stormy Daniels Affair

On Friday, McClatchy reported that Mueller has evidence that Trump's personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, made a trip to Prague in the summer of 2016. Her client, the president, "as the privilege-holder, has an acute interest in this issue", she said.

President Donald Trump's personal attorney Michael Cohen rebuked a McClatchy DC report that there's evidence he traveled to Prague and claimed there's proof he was in Los Angeles, California, at the time.

Assistant US Attorney Tom McKay accused Mr Cohen of invoking "wildly overbroad" claims of attorney-client privilege to avoid the disclosure of thousands of allegedly privileged communications related to the President and other cases.

Avenatti also said a copy of the non-disclosure agreement signed by Daniels in 2016 was sent to Cohen at his Trump Organization office in NY.

"The payment of the money just creates an enormous legal mess for, I think, Trump, for Cohen and anyone else who was involved in this in the campaign", Potter told "60 Minutes".

A lawyer for Cohen, Stephen M Ryan, on Monday said that United States prosecutors conducted a search that was partly a referral by the Office of the Special Counsel, Robert Mueller.

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A source claimed that Federal Bureau of Investigation agents have been looking into Daniels amid substances related to small business dealings.

Democratic investigators for the House and Senate intelligence committees, which are conducting parallel inquiries into Russia's election interference, are skeptical about whether Cohen was truthful about his 2016 travels to Europe when they interviewed him last October, two people familiar with those investigations said. Municipal records show Cohen and his wife have 32 taxi medallions in New York City and at least 22 in Chicago.

Cohen's lawyers, for their part, have asked to review the material for themselves, a proposal which the Manhattan prosecutors are fighting. "Beyond that, I don't have anything else to add", Sanders said.

Avanetti then made his argument, to be expended on in another hearing later on Friday. Daniels opposes the request; her response to Friday evening's request is due by 6 p.m. PT Monday. They appeared in court on Friday, as did three lawyers for Trump, who at this time is not a party in the case.

Public corruption prosecutors in the US attorney's office in Manhattan are trying to determine, according to one person familiar with the investigation, if there was any fraud related to payments to McDougal and Clifford. Cohen wouldn't have needed a passport for such a trip because both countries are in the Schengen Area, in which 26 nations have open borders.

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