Latest National Weather Service update on weekend storms

Latest National Weather Service update on weekend storms

This tornado uprooted and snap many trees, causing damage to a few homes. If all of the damage seems to be unidirectional, all blown down in the same direction, they are likely to determine it was created by straight-line winds. No deaths have been reported.

Hail reports were less common than damaging wind reports, but hailstones up to the size of tennis balls fell near Hillsville in Carroll County. "It's going to take us a while to get things back in a state of good fix and order". If a twister had gone through a subdivision or mobile-home park, more ripped off shingles and broken windows would have been reported, Brown said.

A total of 12 tornadoes struck the states of Texas and Louisiana over the weekend. They are now working on a tornado survey for the EF-1 tornado that touched down near Diana Friday night, they have confirmed it as an EF-1 tornado, but have yet to release the details of their finding.

The advisory warned of tornadoes, hail and wind.

Another tornado track was discovered 4 miles east of Crossett.

Hardest hit were areas along Nottaway Drive and Deerfield Drive, where the damage path was about 400 yards wide, although the EF2 damage was about 100 yards wide. Miller said the wind tore some shingles off of roofs, and an aluminum roof flew off of a church. Most of the wreckage was done to trees, she said, although about three-fourths of the county's residents lost power for a time Friday night into Saturday.

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County workers have cleared debris off roadways but still need to pick it up off the sides of county roads, he said.

Sgt. James Cooper with the Hanover County Sheriff's Office said early Monday afternoon that one road in the western part of the county was closed due to high water.

He said 53 structures sustained damage from Lavaca east to the Franklin County line. An EF3 or EF4 tornado would do severe to devastating damage like entire stories of well-constructed houses destroyed, trees debarked, heavy cars lifted off the ground and thrown, whole well-constructed houses and whole frame houses completely destroyed and leveled.

The second tornado began at 6:49 p.m. two miles northwest of Ozone in Johnson county.

Some roads were blocked by downed trees and power lines, and traffic lights were either knocked down or destroyed.

OPPELO, Ark. - The National Weather Service in Little Rock confirmed a tornado caused damage in Oppelo.

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