Israel probes Apple over slowdown of older iPhones

Israel probes Apple over slowdown of older iPhones

The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus got this special edition around this time past year as well.

RED Special Edition comes in a stunning red glass enclosure, matching aluminum band and sleek black front.

Apple's new iPhones will be available in?64GB and 256GB?options for pre-order in select markets including the USA from April 10 onwards and will hit stores later this week, April 13. The discounts are available for both old and new iPhones, starting from iPhone 6 to iPhone X, but surprisingly we don't we the very popular iPhone 7 Plus listed under the offer. While iOS 11.3 has been reported to feature minor bugs here and there, one of the major ones has been unearthed by several iPhone 8 users - the display is rendered useless by the iOS 11.3 update.

If your iPhone is acting up, or if you happen to have a cracked screen, you can never go wrong taking the device into a nearby Apple retail store.

According to the owner and operator of iOutlet fix, Michael Oberdick said that every iPhone display has a small microchip and this helps Apple to detect the third-party replacement displays. At least there's always the Product RED silicone case and now the leather folio for the X.

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Per Mashable, Apple has already shared a total of $160 million contribution to the Global Fund since the two companies' partnership was established in 2006. Internally, the RED iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus have the same specs as its current colour options. Apple has changed that this year by offering the color that many wanted to see with last year's edition. However, some iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus users were greeted with an unexpected and infuriated side effect of the iOS 11.3 update: touch support on their devices immediately ceased to function. Pre-orders start tomorrow and you'll be able to buy it in Apple stores on Friday.

If you think third-party screen replacement is a major issue on iPhone 8 alone, you're mistaken.

According to a report by Vice, people who broke their phone and get it repaired by anyone other than Apple is on a rough ride.

The Macrumour speculations of the launch Apple 8 and Apple 8 plus came true, The American tech giant launched series of iPhone and iPhone 8 Plus (PRODUCT) Red.

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