"Fortnite" Servers Have Been Taken Offline For Maintenance

It's not just you - Fortnite's been undergoing some serious server issues since last night, preventing players from logging in and getting their battle royale on.

Epic Games made an apology over on the official website.

The assault rifle is one of the bread and butter type weapons in the game, so earning this one won't be almost as hard as the challenge makes it seem. We have witnessed many prayers and critics over the past 24 hours being addressed to Epic Games, and we still do not know what reason caused the annoying issues. So you're in this position, but why are you being put into the Fortnite queue? Unlike other multiplayer games, Fortnite doesn't yet feature instant kill replays - which let you see exactly how you died - so this will go some way towards filling that gap.

The Fortnite free back bling should be available in the store this weekend. The game is now in Early Access meaning that, at times, it can become over loaded with players.

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Celebrities, athletes and various high-profile personalities alike have expressed their love for the game, with Fortnite becoming a "pop culture" icon at the turn of 2018. Load times reduced by 25-30 seconds as a result of these changes on Xbox One and around 10 seconds on PS4. Yes, you read that right, free.

As was already mentioned, PUBG Mobile is a completely standalone experience to that of its desktop and console counterpart. Tires inside allow for easy access to the roof.

One aspect that doesn't carry across from the standard game is the use of bots. They also played with hip hop artist Travis Scott and Pittsburg Steelers wide receiver JuJu Smith Shuster, which brought a diverse audience to the stream. The company announced yesterday that it was adding "cinematic" instant replay, instant forts and more - and later the same day users found they were unable to login ...

Fortnite's transition to mobile appears to have been nearly seamless.

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