Destiny 2's Warmind Expansion Launches on May 8th; Bungie Details Updated Roadmap

Destiny 2's Warmind Expansion Launches on May 8th; Bungie Details Updated Roadmap

Bungie also dug deeper into the Destiny 2 development roadmap today, laying out its plans for season 3 and beyond.

Bungie has stealthily announced Destiny 2's next expansion, Warmind, in a development roadmap posted on the developer's website. That information will start to be shared on April 24, when Bungie hosts a reveal livestream. The Warmind expansion for Destiny 2 will be available for purchase on May 8, 2018.

While Bungie didn't reveal exactly what new places players will be able to go to or new heroes and enemies they'll encounter, the name "Warmind" practically speaks for itself. "You'll earn new loot and master new activities." and you will find out more during their stream showing it off on April 24th. They will not be universally accessible in private matches, however: Expansion maps in private matches will only be available to players who actually own the expansions.

Season Four, on the other end, is set to begin at some point in September and may finally address player concerns with the arrival of weapon randomization. Later in the summer, Season 3 will also bring bounties, a new seasonal event, Faction Rally improvements, and changes to the Exotic armor sandbox.

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Our goals for these features are to give you more control over how you configure your loadouts in Destiny 2 and give you more reasons to play the game over time.

An abundant amount of changes and content will release alongside Destiny 2's new expansion, and will be free to all Destiny 2 players. We also want to bring back those exciting moments when you acquire the ideal weapon.

I'm excited for new expansion, and very much looking forward to the trailer. Bungie updated its roadmap for the future of the game, and we know that this update will add seasonal Crucible rankings, private matches, an increase to vault space, support for multiple equipped emotes, Exotic weapon Masterworks, and more.

In addition to the announcement of Warmind, Bungie is announcing changes to Crucible.

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