Comey Says Trump 'Morally Unfit' in First Interview (Audio)

Comey Says Trump 'Morally Unfit' in First Interview (Audio)

Trump and the Republicans have sought to stifle the impact of his book by accusing Comey of leaking classified materials and of corruptly handling the 2016 investigation into Clinton.

In his new book, A Higher Loyalty, Comey describes Trump as unfit for the nation's highest office, but stops short of concluding there's a strong case against the president for obstructing justice.

If Conway believed that, it would put her in line with a lot of Democrats, including Clinton herself, and also undercut Trump's insistence that his win was all about him.

Trump "talks about and treats women like they're pieces of meat" and "lies constantly about matters big and small and insists the American people believe it".

Comey's intensely personal attacks - a reflection of his self-righteousness, his detractors say - are all the more combustible because they are aimed directly at a President who has said with pride on Twitter that "when someone attacks me, I always attack back.except 100x more". Comey's televised remarks, coupled with the release of his forthcoming book, offer his version of events surrounding his firing and the investigations into Russian election meddling and Hillary Clinton's email practices.

Perhaps it's no accident that he picked Stephanopoulos, who of course worked with Hillary in the Clinton White House, to kick off his television tour.

"The American people see right through the blatant lies of a self-admitted leaker", Sanders said Friday. "And I think the reaction of most of us was, 'meh, that's another one of those things'". They only hurt him and continue the well-known narrative of a narcissistic man occupying the White House who can't view the world beyond his own nose.

It was Comey's first televised interview since the President fired him previous year. But with his petty criticisms and over-the-top language, Comey is coming off as just another partisan. Comey said he didn't make the decision until - after - the Federal Bureau of Investigation interviewed her.

The pettiness of Comey's revelations about Trump will sell books and entertain Trump-haters.

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SHAPIRO: You can hear the rest of Steve Inskeep's interview with James Comey tomorrow on NPR's Morning Edition. "I think he's morally unfit to be president", he added.

"It must have been", Comey acknowledged, "I don't remember consciously thinking about that, but it must have been".

"It is entirely possible that, because I was making decisions in an environment where Hillary Clinton was sure to be the next president, my concern about making her an illegitimate president by concealing the restarted investigation bore greater weight than it would have if the election appeared closer or if Donald Trump were ahead in all polls", he writes.

Even liberals who will never forgive Comey for his actions during the election don't think he's dishonest. "But I don't know". "And I went to find my chief of staff to tell him that the world's gone insane".

Lynch says she was simply following long-standing Justice Department protocol against confirming or denying the existence of an investigation.

In a meeting with President Barack Obama in the last days of his administration, Comey says he told the president: "I dread the next four years".

MI republican congressman Tim Walberg says, revealing private conversations, with the President of the United States no less, isn't right.

"The attorney general seemed to be directing me to align with the Clinton campaign strategy", Comey wrote. "Her "just do it" response to my question indicated that she had no legal or procedural justification for her request".

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