Apple started trial production of iPhone 6s Plus in Bengaluru

Apple started trial production of iPhone 6s Plus in Bengaluru

The one-third of total sales of iPhones in India in 2017 was contributed by the iPhone 6 series, whereas less than 15 percent was generated from the iPhone SE, which is the only iPhone model assembling locally in the Wistron plan till now.

Apple is looking to reduce the price of iPhone 6S Plus in India, and a method of doing it is through setting up a new factory in southern part of the country, local media outlet The Economic Times reported today.

Do you think the local production of the iPhone 6s Plus will enable Apple to grow larger in the future?

The Indian government has imposed a 10% customs duty earlier this month on components like printed circuit boards populated with memory and chips, camera modules and connectors. This, the report adds, will allow Apple to bring the price down of the iPhone 6S Plus by 5 to 7 per cent.

One of the major reasons why Xiaomi has been able to gain such popularity in India is because of its competitive pricing. It might soon be time for the iPhone 6S Plus to be similarly shielded from import tax fluctuations.

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Once local capacity rises, the costs should get corrected as Apple won't be dependent on Chinese imports. But Apple has not hiked the model's price yet. Apple has also started discussing with its vendors and contract manufacturers like Flex, Foxconn and Wistron to expand sourcing in India.

The iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus continue to be two of the most popular devices belonging to Apple and their hardware plus functionality speak volumes of their mobile computing prowess.

An industry executives said Salcomp is into manufacturing of chargers and adapters for iPhones, while Shenzhen YUTO Packaging manufactures packaging products.

Though Apple has chose to assemble iPhone 6s in India, there are no plans for the company to start building their new devices in India anytime soon. However, the iPhone SE remained unaffected as it was manufactured in India since previous year. After a number of price cuts, its now sub-Rs 20,000 price has made an extremely affordable iPhone in the country.

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