Apple begins free repairs for Apple Watch Series 2 with swollen batteries

Apple begins free repairs for Apple Watch Series 2 with swollen batteries

The repairs will be free of charge for Series 2 watches that will not power on due to the battery swelling.

Eligible devices are any 42mm Series 2 Apple Watch models in the Sport, Nike+, Hermès, and Edition lines.

Apple will fix some Apple Watch Series 2 devices if they have a swollen battery or don't turn on, according to a new service policy seen by MacRumors. Not included in the program, however, are any 38mm models, or Series 1 and Series 3 Watches.

Apple hasn't formally announced the new policy and you might not want to depend on free repairs right away when some staffers might not be aware of the change.

This offer applies only to the 42mm Apple Watch 2. Apple will also fix watches when the display pops out of place due to the same issue.

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Other details of the service policy include that the Apple Watch doesn't need to be under warranty, and that the repairs are covered for up to three years after the device's purchase date.

Apple Watch battery getting bulgyLithium batteries swell because gasses are building up inside. Apple has nearly always replaced or serviced such devices and generally covers expanded batteries past the 1-year warranty date, regardless of a program such as this.

Ever since the Apple Watch was introduced, developers have been asking for the ability to create their own watch faces.

Has your Apple Watch Series 2 suffered from an expanded battery? Let us know in the comments.

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