After Syria strikes, Britain's May to face critical parliament

After Syria strikes, Britain's May to face critical parliament

WASHINGTON-The United States, Britain and France opted to strike Syria for its apparent use of chemical weapons without waiting for a report from United Nations inspectors because they were convinced that the Assad government had used chlorine and sarin nerve gas against a rebel-held Damascus suburb, American officials said last Saturday. Secretary Mnuchin will be announcing those on Monday if he hasn't already and they will go directly to any sort of companies that were dealing with equipment related to Assad and chemical weapons use. There will be more. "But it is equally important for us to be aware of the distraction tactics that some of the actors in the world are using today and to not allow those tactics to work".

Trump resurrected the phrase in a tweet on Saturday after the strikes launched by US, British and French forces in response to an alleged chemical attack by the Syrian regime. So basically we will watch his actions. "Hopefully he's gotten the message".

May, who has regained confidence after winning support for her tough stance on Syria and Russian Federation, will make a statement to parliament on her decision to join the United States and France in Saturday's strikes in retaliation for a suspected gas attack.

Last month, the US -based charity Knights of Columbus announced that it had given $1 million to church leaders in Iraq and Syria.

Haley, in her Fox News interview, also defended its use as a military term, rather than as a broader political statement.

The latests strikes suggest that Trump may have reset America's red line for military intervention in Syria over the use of chemical weapons.

"We haven't said that we're going to bring them home in six months". "To some it said, well, Bush thinks the war in Iraq is over, when I didn't think that". "I am proud our country has joined forces with our allies in order to protect the innocent people who are suffering under Assad's terror".

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Russian Federation called for an emergency session of United Nations Security Council on Saturday. -Russian relations are at a low point. He said at least one chemical was used - chlorine, which also has legitimate industrial uses and had not previously triggered a U.S. military response.

Britain's Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson attends the BBC's Marr Show in London, Apr. 15, 2018.

· Syria and its allies, Russian Federation and Iran, have repeatedly called the alleged gas attack in Douma a "fabrication" used to justify military intervention.

Hours later, the allies signaled their resolve to return to diplomacy, launching a new bid at the United Nations to investigate the chemical weapons attacks.They circulated a joint draft resolution at the Security Council that also calls for unimpeded deliveries of humanitarian aid and enforcement of a ceasefire and demands that Syria engage in UN-led peace talks, according to the text obtained by AFP.

The Syrian Foreign Ministry Saturday condemned what it called "the brutal American-British-French aggression... which constitutes a flagrant violation of global law". Gen. Ali Mayhoub said that the Scientific Research Center in Barzeh near Damascus was hit, while three people were injured in Homs when a missile was targeted.

She also acknowledged Sunday that relations between the US and Russian Federation, an Assad supporter, are "very strained".

Russian president Vladimir Putin has denounced the missile strikes by the US, France and the United Kingdom as an "act of aggression" that would exacerbate the humanitarian catastrophe in Syria.

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