Trump again insults Maxine Waters' intelligence, says she's 'very low IQ

Trump again insults Maxine Waters' intelligence, says she's 'very low IQ

"She really is. 'We will impeach him.' But you have Maxine Waters and you have plenty of others". You can't help it.

Watch Trump's comments above, via CNN.

Urging the crowd assembled in a hangar in the Moon Township neighborhood of Pittsburgh to vote for candidates who would further his agenda - in this case, local candidate Rick Saccone - Trump took the opportunity to point out that this would mean "defeat [ing] Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters, a very low IQ individual". It doesn't matter, we will impeach him, " Trump said, mocking Waters' calls for his own impeachment. "He can call us all the names he wants to call us, but our special counsel, Mueller, is connecting the dots and last night in a speech I said that if some reason Mueller does not get him, Stormy will".

"He's an expert at name-calling", she said. "Nevertheless, low IQ scores were frequently used as a justification for sterilizing and incarcerating people".

"Again, I expected this, though. And, by the way, I'm told he wasn't amusing at all".

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Congresswoman Maxine Waters speaks onstage at the Human Rights Campaign's 2018 Los Angeles Gala Dinner at JW Marriott Los Angeles at L.A. "I've been very vocal, and I've been very confrontational nearly", she said.

"Whether it's a knowing choice from the president or it stems from his utter lack of restraint, the attacks reflect his twin contempt for women and nonwhites", Slate's Jamelle Bouie previously wrote. But, you know, this business about Stormy is not going to go away. "He did that through the entire presidential election, including all of the Republicans that he beat".

Mnuchin played down the dismissal of Waters on Sunday as "campaign rally issues".

"This is something that is at a campaign rally and the president likes making amusing names", said Mr. Mnuchin.

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