Saudi Crown Prince: Bin Laden Sought to Create Rift between Riyadh, Washington

Saudi Crown Prince: Bin Laden Sought to Create Rift between Riyadh, Washington

The Crown Prince said he spends 51 per cent of his fortune on people and 49 per cent on himself.

On becoming king Salman is expected to ascend to the throne after his father, King Salman, dies.

As a reformer, the 32-year-old's tenure has been markes so far by the decision to lift ban on driving for women, loosening clothing restrictions, promising to increase their participation in the workforce and facilitating the growth of entertainment and service sector.

You know the saying: Business and pleasure don't mix but business and politics sure do, and none more so than on this 2 U.S. visit by now Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman. "We are all human beings and there is no difference". If that happens, given his young age, he could rule Saudi Arabia for 50 years. Women worked everywhere. We were just normal people developing like any other country in the world until the events of 1979'. "We were victims, especially my generation that suffered from this a great deal". "Many of those ideas contradict the way of life during the time of the Prophet and the Caliphs".

He said: "What we did was extremely necessary". I would ask your viewers to use their smart phones to find out.

According to The New York Times, at least 17 detainees were subjected to physical abuse during the anti-corruption crackdown.

Asked how much money was retrieved, Prince Mohammed said: "The amount exceeds $100 billion, but the real objective was not this amount or any other amount". Ever since Franklin Delano Roosevelt met with King Abdul Aziz ibn Saud on a US naval ship in the Suez Canal in 1945, every American president has carefully nurtured relations with the Saudi royal family.

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Less than a year into his reign, he has moved quickly to remove internal rivals and transform the conservative Saudi culture, diversify the country's economy and consolidate its power and his own as the leader of the Arab world. But the unstinting support Trump offered when he chose Riyadh as the destination of his first overseas trip as president brought the relationship to a new level.

The 60 Minutes report, the first United States television interview with bin Salman since he came to power, largely painted MBS - as bin Salman is commonly known - as a leader who has introduced "revolutionary" reforms to his country.

When asked if his mission wasn't to deal with the "Iranian-Assad-Russia problem" by Senator Lindsey Graham, Votel answered that they were now not pursuing such objective, and that their main efforts were focused on defeating the Islamic State group.

In comments aired before the interview, the Saudi Crown Prince stood by his comparison of Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei to Adolf Hitler.

Iran backs the Houthi militia that is leading an insurgency against legitimate forces in Yemen.

After meetings with the Trump administration, he will embark on a two-week, coast-to-coast tour of US business and technology centers, hoping to woo new investment and convince Americans that he and his country are modern, worthy partners. He lives in Iran and works out of Iran.

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