Putin Told Army to Shoot Down Plane After Drunk Passenger's Bomb Threat

Putin Told Army to Shoot Down Plane After Drunk Passenger's Bomb Threat

The Kinzhal missile was one of an array of new weapons. The "Kinzhal" (Russian for "dagger") was unveiled on March 1 during President Vladimir Putin's State of the Nation address.

RT's coverage today included a three-minute Defense Ministry video, which shows an actual Kinzhal test run, from the moment the pilots are scrambled to the high-altitude release of the missile and its firing, to the MiG-31 fighters landing, and interviews one of the pilots.

Amid an ongoing investigation into possibly Russian interference in the last United States presidential election, Russian President Vladimir Putin said he "could not care less".

Putin explained that Russian Federation has weapons that no country on the planet possesses and that tests would keep happening in the Southern Military District to ensure they stayed superior to other country's defence systems.

Russia's President Putin ordered the shooting down of a passenger plane that was reportedly carrying a bomb and targeting the opening of the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics, he says in a new film.

Since the start of the year, more than 250 sorties have been carried out by the aircraft to ideal the missile system, the defence ministry said.

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Hypersonic speed, combined with flight and technical characteristics of MiG-31, is what makes the Kinzhal missile unique.

The NBC News interview was conducted in two parts, on March 1 and March 2.

The passenger involved in the incident was drunk and the plane would continue to Turkey.

US military officials claimed such comments were "election rhetoric" ahead of Russia's presidential vote on March 18, which Putin is expected to win handily.

The defense ministry said that because of the high flight characteristics of the MiG-31 aircraft and advanced high-maneuverable hypersonic technology, "the Kinzhal has no analogues in the world", CNN reported.

"I told them: act according to the plan", Putin said, adding that shortly afterwards he arrived at the Olympic venue with the International Olympic Committee officials. "They do not impact any need on our side for a change in our deterrence posture". "It doesn't change anything other than how much money do they want to spend on something that does not change at all the strategic balance", he said. Putin was said to be taking the blood baths several times per year.

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