My oh my, what a Pi Day for dining deals

My oh my, what a Pi Day for dining deals

A lot of them involve pie, although there is also a National Pie Day on January 23.

Pi Day became a thing on March 14, 1988 (3/14, get it?) when a San Francisco physicist organized a celebration in that's city's science museum where people had fun with math and ate pie.

You probably didn't get the day off, but today is National Pi Day.

It's also the date of "Pi", you know, the mathematical constant, 3.14.

To refresh your memory, Pi tells us the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter, which is roughly 3.14159.

Here are some of the deals to watch for, but be aware that although pi is infinite, Pi Day deals are only good on Wednesday.

Villa Italian Kitchen: Sign up for a coupon to get a whole cheese Neapolitan pie for $3.14 Wednesday.

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Grand Traverse Pie Company: Offering a free slice of (Michigan Apples, Blueberries, Cherries) pie with any purchase.

Whole Foods: Take $3.14 off any of their large bakery pies. It has locations throughout Southern California. Orders must be made in-store.

BJ's Brewhouse & Restaurant: Mini one-topping pizzas are $3.14 Wednesday. Download it from Cici's Facebook page. The 3.14-mile run or walk will start at 6:28 p.m. from each participating location, with maps available at packet pickup.

$3.14 won't get you a fancy cup of coffee at your local Starbucks, but it will get you a pie at one of your favorite pizza joints.

Pieology: New and existing Pie Life members, buy a regular-priced custom or chef-inspired 11-inch thin crust pizza and get any thin crust pizza for $3.14 Wednesday.

This bakery and bar specializing in creative spins on classic desserts and craft cocktails is raising a glass to Pi Day with an offer of $31.41 on online orders of their S'Mores, Bourbon Ginger Pecan, Key Lime, and Pie Roulette flavors.

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