Miley Cyrus Is Being Sued Over Her 2013 Single 'We Can't Stop'

Miley Cyrus Is Being Sued Over Her 2013 Single 'We Can't Stop'

"Cyrus exchanged her trademark "good girl" Disney profile for a gritty and hyper-sexualized image, quite often brazenly and defiantly invoking provocative and obscene statements, lyrics and dress and personal vocalizations to reflect the grittiness, aggression and sultriness associated with US based hip-hop, R&B, urban and Caribbean music", the lawsuit reads.

Miley Cyrus has been slapped with a multi-million dollar lawsuit from a Jamaican reggae singer who claims the pop star ripped off his signature track in her smash hit single "We Can't Stop".

May says the song contained the lyric, "We run things".

The song at the heart of the lawsuit is called We Run Things, according to TMZ. They specifically point to similarities between Cyrus's refrain of "We run things / Things don't run we" and May's lyrics: "We run things / Things no run we". "Things don't run we".

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However, in a recent case against Taylor Swift (that's eerily similar to this one) regarding the similarity of her hit track "Shake It Off" to 3LW's 2001 song "Playas Gon' Play", the suit was dismissed by the presiding judge. The suit claims that Cyrus' song "owes the basis of its chart-topping popularity and its highly-lucrative success to plaintiff May's protected, unique, creative and original content".

"We Can't Stop", the debut single off her infamous 2013 album Bangerz, is now the subject of a lawsuit aimed at the singer, filed by Jamaican dancehall artist Flourgon.

May is seeking a trial by jury, plus a halt to sales and performances of Cyrus' song as well as damages and legal fees.

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