GOP Sen. Johnson: 'I would' back bill opposing tariffs

GOP Sen. Johnson: 'I would' back bill opposing tariffs

European Union leader Jean-Claude Juncker also warned President Trump against imposing the tariffs, saying that EU nations would retaliate by placing similar tariffs on US imported products like Kentucky bourbon and blue jeans.

"Simply put: This is a tax hike on American manufacturers, workers and consumers", Hatch said on Twitter.

McConnell said that he and other senators are "concerned about the scope of the proposed tariffs on steel and aluminum". He expected lawmakers who support free trade to keep lobbying the administration to add more exemptions.

"There's really a growing level of optimism because we were returning certainty to the American and Wisconsin economy", Johnson said.

In the case of these tariffs, the Republican leader used a 1962 law authorizing the president to tax certain imports in the name of national security protection - legislation rarely invoked in the past except in the notable case of oil. Metal industry trade groups in China called for retaliation, targeting imports ranging from "stainless steel and electronics to coal and farm products", as Market Watch reported. Dan Simmons, president of United Steelworkers Local 1899 in Granite City, Ill., said they "will allow us to compete".

"Of course this will have to go through the usual litigation process, either the WTO or the courts to see how this works", Cornyn said at an energy conference in Houston.

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The Business Roundtable also blasted Trump: "These tariffs are a major unforced error by President Trump, putting America's economic progress at risk".

"If there's a trade war and in response, tariffs are raised, that could even push down our supply in steel because it pushes down the demand", Professor Dempsey added.

Red state leaders are freaking out, and not only because majority oppose Trump's protectionist agenda: Many realize the real damage could come when USA trading partners strike back - and the states that are going to pay the highest price are the GOP states that voted for Trump.

Louisiana, for example, is a huge importing state and relies on steel and aluminum imports for its gas industries.

"This is not merely an economic disaster, but it's a security disaster we want to build our ships, we want to build our planes ... with steel and aluminum from our country", Trump said Thursday.

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