Democrats, Former Aides Not Pleased With Hillary's Recent Comments

Democrats, Former Aides Not Pleased With Hillary's Recent Comments

On the same India trip, Hillary Clinton suggested that the states that voter for her were more economically advanced than those that voted for President Trump.

Clinton was critical of Trump's reality campaign tactics and questioned whether she should have provided more entertainment to voters who responded to Trump's brash style.

'That's a lot of states, ' the ex-aide added.

Clinton allies told the Hill that they thought this was counter-productive as the party rebuilds and looks to those now-red states for the gains Democrats will need to take back the House in 2018. "You don't like black people getting rights, you don't like women getting jobs, you don't want to see that Indian American succeeding more than you are, whatever that problem is, I am going to solve it".

House Republicans are fretting over the results of Pennsylvania's special election, anxious that the tight race in the heart of Trump country might be a harbinger of a Democratic wave in the midterms.

The Republican National Committee (RNC) also pounced on Clinton's remarks.

Refusing to be beaten Clinton then kicked off her sandals and continued barefoot without issue.

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She also insinuated that women who voted for Trump were motivated by "ongoing pressure to vote the way that your husband, your boss, your son, whoever, believes you should". We really do try very hard, ' Reed snarked. "But this one is impossible to ignore".

"I think the party has moved on from Hillary Clinton", the former senior Clinton aide said.

"Putting aside how absurd and wrong she is, rhetoric like this is the reason Sen".

Smith's campaign fired back, arguing the RGA was telegraphing its fear of Smith as the presumptive Democratic nominee.

U.S. President Donald Trump seems to think so; on Tuesday he said there may someday be a "space force" fighting alongside the air force, army and other branches of the U.S. military.

"[Democrats] do not do well with white men, and we don't do well with married, white women".

'The Democrat brand is isolated, elitist, and as out-of-touch as it ever has been, ' Reed harped as he shared Clinton's comments with reporters. "I win, you know, IL and Minnesota, places like that".

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