Case Keenum reportedly plans to sign with the Broncos

Case Keenum reportedly plans to sign with the Broncos

The Broncos balked at Cousins' bargaining starting point Monday.

According to 9News Denver, Keenum's deal is expected to be a short-term agreement, suggesting it won't preclude the Broncos from taking a quarterback with the fifth overall pick in next month's draft if they so choose. "Obviously we have to get better at that position".

First, "missing out" on Cousins might be the biggest blessing in disguise for the Broncos. Cousins would now appear to be the favorite to replace Keenum in Minnesota. Cousins was undoubtedly the top quarterback soon to become available, but with his spot atop the list of most teams came a price tag that could have ended up being too high for the Broncos' plans; while they have options, they also have plenty of needs and limited salary cap space, unlike some other quarterback-needy teams. Despite that, Keenum went undrafted and spent the entire 2012 season on the Texans practice squad.

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He threw for 3,547 yards, 22 touchdowns and just seven interceptions, helping the Vikings reach the NFC Championship Game. The veteran quarterback completedly almost 68 percent of his passes and posted a 3-1 touchdown-to-interception ratio. Keenum posted an 11-3 record over those 14 starts. Luckily for Keenum, he's used to that dynamic and seemed to thrive in it last season, but at the same time, it does make you wonder why Vikings fans were so adamant that Cousins wasn't much of an improvement (if at all) over Keenum. Keenum will have similar talent at receiver with the Broncos in Demaryius Thomas and Emmanuel Sanders. With trade rumors swirling, and many quarterback-needy teams looking to trade up in the draft, the Broncos could find themselves in a position to draft one of these blue-chip players.

All three quarterbacks were draft picks by Elway, the Hall of Fame quarterback who has only had success at quarterback in free agency. Garrett Bolles, who the Broncos drafted in the first round past year will be improved after a rookie season that saw him develop throughout.

The fact that the Broncos didn't think highly enough of Cousins as a realistic option that they didn't even offer him a contract is particularly surprising. Nearly every mock draft out there had the Broncos taking a quarterback with their No. 6 overall pick but expect them to go a different direction since Keenum, at only 30, solidifies the quarterback spot for now and the future.

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