View Adds Or Mine Cryptocurrency, Salon Gives You The Choice

View Adds Or Mine Cryptocurrency, Salon Gives You The Choice

Ad-blocking software has resulted in decreased revenues for many websites that depend on that money to pay the bills and keep the lights on.

This means, as a reader, if you want to access the free content on their website anymore, you need to make a choice between turning-off ad-blocking software or "allowing Salon to use your unused computing power" to access their content. According to the Salon team, ad blockers "create a more one-sided relationship between reader and publisher".

The feature, now in beta, will add to the option of disabling ads on with a further option of blocking ads while allowing Salon "to use your unused computing power".

Readers who use ad-blockers are now met with a splash screen which gives them an option: Turn off your ad-blocker or mine cryptocurrencies (Monero).

Salon is using the infamous cryptominer Coinhive to "use your processor for calculations" that are "securely executed in your browser's sandbox". There after we will ask you again to opt-in. If you opt for the latter deal, Salon will invite you to install a software plugin - Coinhive - that allows the media publication to mine Monero cryptocurrency.

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"On the whole, Salon sounds surprisingly bullish on blockchain technology, announcing that it "[plans] to further use any learnings from this to help support the evolution and growth of blockchain technology, digital currencies and other ways to better service the value exchange between content and user contribution".

However, unlike that incident, where hackers took control of visitors' computers to mine cryptocurrency, Salon notifies users and requires them to agree before the tool begins mining. Salon has issued a clarification on this matter by saying that it will avoid that by actively adjusting the processing power being used by the crypto-miner. Salon is mining the privacy-focused cryptocurrency Monero.

Salon CEO Jordan Hoffner told Fortune that the new plan has several users already and the mining option is just one aspect of the company's monetisation strategies; another of which is a paid tablet and mobile app to come later in 2018.

Hotness is very literal in this case, by the way, because any time you visit Salon from now on, your CPU will be used to mine cryptocurrency on their behalf. If a more taxing process is initiated, the site will, in turn, reduce the amount it is using. Similarly, a Google Chrome extension with over 100,000 users was also caught using Coinhive without consumer permission.

The publication claims that the process only takes place when readers are on the website, and Salon will not gain access to readers' personal information or files.

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