Netanyahu slams police after detectives recommended indictment against him

Netanyahu slams police after detectives recommended indictment against him

The Yesh Atid leader has drawn heat over the affair.

But key members of Netanyahu's Likud Party rallied behind him.

Netanyahu said he was certain that the truth would be revealed. It's impossible to govern "while you spend most of your time with your lawyers or responding to the press", he said.

The recommendations, which police made public on Tuesday night (local time), were at the more serious end of the range of charges that had been expected to be levelled against Mr Netanyahu, now in his fourth term.

Another opposition MK, Dov Boris Khenin from the Arab majority Joint List which also opposes Netanyahu, said the Prime Minister should immediately resign in light of the corruption charges.

Netanyahu has been denying wrongdoing but he has been questioned several times since past year.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared he has no plan to go to early elections, as his coalition closed ranks around a leader who police say should stand trial for bribery. "I call on all sides to act responsibly, with restraint, and with statesmanship". She added that the police recommendations "have no legal validity".

MK Yair Lapid, one of Netanyahu's chief rivals who served as finance minister during this period and was called to testify during the investigation, called on Netanyahu to step down. The gifts include pink champagne and cigars.

Netanyahu has claimed to be a victim of an overaggressive police force and a media witch hunt that has also targeted his family.

In a televised address from his Jerusalem residence just minutes after police made public their recommendations, Netanyahu said he had never sought personal gain in his public service.

"Upon conclusion of the investigation, Case 1000, the Police have concluded that there is sufficient evidence against the PM on suspicions for the offense of accepting bribes, fraud and breach of trust regarding his connection with businessman Arnon Milchan and fraud and breach of trust in connection with the Australian businessman James Packer".

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Hadad told Israel Radio that the sums allegedly received by Netanyahu according to police were "inflated, incorrect, unfactual, and simply unacceptable".

"He didn't receive bribes at all. Not in a single day, not in a year, not at all".

"A prime minister is not meant to be ideal or live an over-modest lifestyle, but he needs to be someone people look at and say: "This is how one should act", he said in a speech in Tel Aviv.

"Woe to us if we should allow the struggle over the fate of one man - senior though he may be - to erode the moral and institutional foundations of our law enforcement agencies", said Yohanan Plesner, president of the nonpartisan Israel Democracy Institute, noting that Netanyahu was innocent until proven guilty.

Netanyahu has been serving as the prime minister of Israel since 2009 and previously held the position from 1996 to 1999.

Netanyahu said that this was merely the latest attempt to remove him from office, and it would fail.

The report follows a 14-month investigation into two cases of alleged corruption, the country's attorney general will examine the evidence and then - possibly in several months' time - decide whether to indict. They'll say 'So what if he took some gifts and some money?

"Someone with such serious accusations against them, many of which he does not even deny, can not continue to serve as prime minister with responsibility for the security and well-being of Israel's citizens", Lapid said. "To talk about bribery, you've got to point to something that was really done, not just words".

Israeli police have recommended that Benjamin Netanyahu be indicted on bribery and breach of trust charges in two corruption cases.

As the prospective defendant in this investigation is the prime minister, the final decision on handing down an indictment belongs to Mandelblit - who, analysts told Globes Wednesday, is likely to be in no hurry to make a decision, given its weightiness.

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