Google Launches AMP Stories To Bring The 'Story' Format To Mobile Web

Google Launches AMP Stories To Bring The 'Story' Format To Mobile Web

User interaction will be conducted through taps, which would take you from one portion of the story to the next - much like how you flip through Instragram Stories and Facebook Moments. Surveys, event RSVPs, and other forms that would traditionally involve clicking through to an external website could, using AMP for Email, but not only viewed but completed entirely within the body of the message. "Our team can easily create attractive, media-rich stories that our users can now access quickly across the web", said Doug Parker, Vice President of Digital Design at Meredith.

Launched two years ago to speed up content delivery on mobile devices, Google's AMP Project has been updated to support more visually engaging and immersive storytelling. Google said it plans to expand the format over time, surfacing AMP Stories in more of its products.

The Accelerated Mobile Pages Project (AMP) was launched in October 2015 to improve the performance of the mobile web.

The AMP extension in question is simply called Stories.

This marks a new initiative from Google to make the web more appealing to mobile users.

AMP is an open specification, so it's available for other email clients to use, as well. If you're a publisher and want to add the format, follow this link.

Google brings AMP Stories to Google Search to deliver visually rich content
What is AMP for Email? Google wants to implement Accelerated Mobile Pages to bring animations into Gmail inbox

Yes, that's right. Google has introduced AMP Stories for Google Search, because Stories are all the rage right now.

Even once tooling is available, though, publishers will have to create AMP stories from scratch. You can search for them from Google's homepage and they'll show up in results from major publishers. But, AMP Stories would be meaningful, professionally developed content as opposed to Snapchat's and Instagram's user-generated content.

It's also still unclear how Google will surface these stories in search and how publishers can ensure that they'll be included here.

"AMP Stories have extraordinary potential to enhance how we create mobile content", said Doug Parker, VP of digital design at Meredith.

It is seen through these posts how the articles are mostly led by images and videos, and one can easily swipe from one article to another.

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