Emily Sweeney crashes on final run, says she "is fine"

Emily Sweeney crashes on final run, says she

Luge involves one person on a sled hurtling down a track and Sweeney was on her final run of the day.

Emily Sweeney, 24, was injured in the final run of the luge competition in Pyeonchang after crashing against a wall around Curve 9.

Medical personnel clambered onto the track to attend to Sweeney as a hush fell over the crowd and NBC television cameras avoided showing the fallen luger.

Emily was able to walk about 10 minutes after the crash, according to the Associated Press. She walked away gingerly to relieved applause.

Doctors reported Sweeney had only suffered "bumps and bruises".

The 2018 Winter Olympics have seen some incredible highs for USA athletes (see Chloe Kim's gold medal halfpipe, Mirai Nagasu's historic triple axel, and Adam Rippon's gorgeous Coldplay routine), but American Emily Sweeney's terrifying luge crash on her final run today gave her teammates, family, and fans a scare.

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According to Yahoo Sports, Sweeney, who is competing in her first Olympic Games, lost control of her sled as she entered the ninth curve, which is the roughest in the entire course.

Emily Sweeney was thrown from her toboggan after getting sideways on the track.

Monday marked the eighth anniversary of the death of Georgian luger Nodar Kumaritashvili on the eve of the 2010 Winter Games in Whistler, British Columbia.

"Oh no, that's awful, you really hate to see that, where the athlete's feet go higher than her head".

The track was then reopened, with German star Natalie Geisenberger claiming the gold medal for the event. Germany's Dajana Eitberger grabbed the silver, and Canada's Alex Gough won bronze.

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