Windhorst: Lakers don't support Walton, could be eyeing David Fizdale

Windhorst: Lakers don't support Walton, could be eyeing David Fizdale

After Sunday's (AEDT) overtime win over the Mavericks, the Lakers are now 15-27, the same record they held at this point last season. Since becoming president of basketball operations, Magic Johnson has set out future plans for the team.

Worthy called Walton "a great coach" and "the right guy for the job", and cited the strength of the Lakers' "brand" as reason to believe in its longevity over the latest Lonzo Ball-related controversy.

ESPN's Brian Windhorst corroborated Ball's assessment that the Lakers don't have Luke Walton's back in an appearance on the Rich Eisen Show. "Nobody wants to. But our bosses tell us we have to, because of the ratings, because of the readership.' Somewhere - I guess (LaVar) is in Lithuania - LaVar Ball is laughing at all of us", Kerr added. The Lakers took the initiative and got the victory for their third straight win. It appears to all be coming together for the Lakers media star.

It's not time for Luke Walton to put his house on the market quite yet.

If he continues to develop at this rate, Ingram looks set to be the cornerstone of the Lakers franchise. Ingram is turning into a go-to player for the Lakers, something the team has been looking for since Kobe Bryant retired.

In many ways, Julius Randle launched the Los Angeles Lakers' rebuild.

In a move that's become entirely predictable, LaVar Ball took another shot at the Los Angeles Lakers, who are now mired in a nine-game losing streak.

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Talks eventually broke down, but they could pick back up if the Lakers can't find a suitable partner to attach Luol Deng's bad contract or another player to offload.

Forward Brandon Ingram racked up 26 points and guard Lonzo Ball secured 10 rebounds.

The Lakers' front office did not voice their support for Walton following the comments by LaVar Ball. "I don't know what it was, but it was about time we got out of that rut".

As much as the Razorbacks have struggled offensively, their recent defensive woes have been almost as bad.

"Our defense was not very good at the rim, and when you do that you're going to have these kinds of results", Anderson said. Suddenly, their three-game winning streak has propelled them to 14-27.

The Lakers go on a three-game road trip, starting with the Dallas Mavericks on January 13 at 11:00 A.M. PST.

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