White House Says Judge's Temporary Block On Removing DACA Is 'Outrageous'

White House Says Judge's Temporary Block On Removing DACA Is 'Outrageous'

After Tuesday's meeting, many legislators said that Trump signaled a willingness to back away from what some envision as a 2,000-mile continuous wall between the USA and Mexico.

The San Francisco federal judge's ruling came as a particularly heavy blow to Trump after had hosted both Republican and Democratic lawmakers at the White House to discuss immigration in a meeting held before live television cameras.

Now, immigrants just want the national debate and Congress to turn back to them. So eager were they to cover that up that they issued a fake transcript that did not include him saying he would vote for a clean DACA bill before a larger immigration package and the border wall (they later issued a more accurate one, after their censorship of the proceedings was reported).

Late Tuesday a federal judge in California ruled President Trump acted improperly by ending DACA, which has protected from deportation almost 800,000 undocumented immigrations who were brought to the United States as children.

The Department of Homeland Security rescinded DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) in September and said it would stop accepting applications from people covered under the act to renew their two-year DACA permits. As the negotiations progressed, Virginia Republican Bob Goodlatte introduced his own version of a DACA fix.

But the best chance for a bipartisan deal to date - the Senate working group that has been at it for months - has headed in a direction a majority of the Republicans in the conference are unwilling to go, many senators and aides tell me.

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Without congressional action, the program will end March 5. Drugs are pouring into our country at a record pace.

The statement comes as his administration is in the midst of seeking federal funding for his long-promised border wall and also renegotiating the US' trade deal with Canada and Mexico. The White House on Wednesday morning called the decision "outrageous". He'd made similar statements a year ago, but this time it was in the context of negotiations for actual legislation. Even afterward, it remained unclear where the president stood on some of the key issues but members on both sides of the aisle said that the gathering helped move stalled talks forward by narrowing the parameters of any legislation.

"I'll take all the heat you want... but you are not that far away from comprehensive immigration reform", the president said. "This is more momentum than I have ever seen".

One unanswered question touches hundreds of thousands of Texas residents: what to do about DACA, the Obama era program that keeps young immigrants brought into the country illegally from being deported.

Conservatives quickly sounded alarms about a process that would lead to a comprehensive agreement on immigration, a path that has always been anathema to many rank-and-file Republicans.

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