University of Rochester President Resigns Amid Sexual Misconduct Report

University of Rochester President Resigns Amid Sexual Misconduct Report

Aslin himself had resigned from the university in protest. (University of Rochester via The New York Times) - NO SALES; FOR EDITORIAL USE ONLY WITH NY UNIV PRESIDENT BY VIVIAN WANG FOR JAN. 11, 2018.

The University of Rochester professor at the center of a sexual misconduct complaint that divided a prominent department and led the university president to resign apologized Friday to his students and colleagues for the distress and disruption it has caused. The investigator has stated that the accusations against Jaeger are wildly "exaggerated and misleading in many respects" as well as coming to the conclusion that the president did not sexually harass university students and that the accusations are false and misleading.

Seligman says he made his decision before seeing the committee's report on Thursday.

After the report was released, University of Rochester president Joel Seligman announced that he had chose to resign.

"The University's investigations relating to Jaeger in 2016 were conducted in good faith, impartially, professionally and in accordance with UR Policy 106", the report states. It says that he's received enthusiastic support from many of his students, especially in recent years.

The report recommends a series of policy changes for Rochester, including moving to prohibit all student-faculty relationships within departments - changes that investigators said would put the institution ahead of its peers on that issue.

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"As we as a community begin to consider this report, we trustees express our heartfelt apology to anyone who was hurt by the actions of any university employee, or who felt intimidated, excluded or harassed", they said.

Lattimore Hall at the River Campus of the University of Rochester.

. "Ever better is what the University of Rochester is all about". Aslin and his fellow complainants did not participate in White's investigation due to the pending legal case. "Your investigation is structurally unable to get evidence from the main actors in the stories you are trying to reconstruct", the complainants' lawyer, Ann Olivarius, wrote to White in November.

Seligman, who announced Thursday he would leave at the end of February, already indicated he was leaving basically to help the UR campus heal after the controversy over sexual harassment allegations against a professor and how the administration handled that situation. But the report itself was unsatisfying, he said, as Jaeger was found not to have harassed women to a "pervasive" or "severe" degree, even though multiple women testified about harassment.

Nevertheless, he said, the divisiveness created by a semester-long independent investigation of the University's handling of allegations of sexual harassment and retaliation involving a faculty member has made him recognize the need for a new leader for Rochester. In academe, he said, "one can be promoted and still be treated badly in one's department".

The report largely cleared the university and the professor of outright violations of the policy, but it did call for more robust procedures for investigating claims of sexual harassment against faculty members.

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