United Nations rights office decries Trump's reported remarks as "racist"

United Nations rights office decries Trump's reported remarks as

President Trump expressed frustration behind closed doors with people coming to the USA from "shithole countries", sources told CNN on Thursday.

Also in Thursday's Oval Office meeting were House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., and two conservative lawmakers who've taken a hard line on immigration: Sen.

That Republican said there were several hang-ups in the meeting, including whether thousands of immigrants into the US from countries that have suffered disasters, including El Salvador, Guatemala and Haiti should continue to receive temporary protected status.

He added: "When the question was asked about Haitians. he said, 'Haitians?"

Djenane Gourgue, of the Haitian-American Chamber of Commerce of Florida, says she is not letting Trump's remarks affect her anymore, adding "his actions can probably hurt more". Not just once but repeatedly.

A cynic might argue that the President, who may be on the verge of doing a deal with Democrats to permit hundreds of thousands of undocumented immigrants brought to the U.S. as children to stay, finds himself at a political moment when he needs to protect his populist credibility with his voters.

One of the sources who was briefed on the conversation quoted Mr Trump as saying: "Why do we want all these people from Africa here?"

When he launched his presidential campaign, he referred to Mexicans as "rapists", and a year ago he said there were good people on "both sides" of clashes between neo-Nazis and protesters in Charlottesville.

This guy is a Republican Congressman. We must build a Great Wall, think Merit and end Lottery & Chain.

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"He continued: ".countries which are doing badly. "I don't get that", said No. 2 Senate Republican John Cornyn of Texas. I want safety and security for our people. What Trump did do, they said, was "call out the imbalance in our current immigration system, which does not protect American workers and our national interest".

"The Dems will threaten "shutdown", but what they are really doing is shutting down our military, at a time we need it most".

According to the Times, Trump also targeted Nigerian immigrants during that meeting, complaining that once they came the United States they would never "go back to their huts". "Take care of our Military, and our Country, FIRST!"

Trump's contemptuous description an entire continent startled lawmakers in the meeting and immediately revived charges that the president is racist.

Democrats have made clear they would not consider some of the suggestions and the demands risk exacerbating already tense talks as both sides are entrenched in negotiating position.

Underscoring the pitfalls facing the effort, other Republicans also undercut the significance of the deal the half-dozen senators hoped to sell to Trump.

"We are at a deal", Sen.

He has claimed without evidence that Barack Obama, the nation's first black president, was not born in the U.S.; said Mexican immigrants were "bringing crime" and were "rapists"; and claimed there were "very fine people on both sides" after violence at a white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, left a counter-protester dead.

Additional reporting from Reuters.

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