Tyronn Lue Pushed Cavs to Keep Kyrie Irving After Trade Request

Tyronn Lue Pushed Cavs to Keep Kyrie Irving After Trade Request

Also of note from MacMullan's deep dive into Irving's Cleveland exit and Boston beginning is that when weighing whether or not to trade the All-Star guard to an Eastern Conference rival, Gilbert asked James for a commitment beyond 2018 - which he failed to receive.

In a slew of recent rumors and reports, a number of new developments behind the Kyrie Irving/Cavaliers trade rumors are now being made public, and it has brought the situation into a whole new light.

Kyrie Irving picked up his first win against LeBron James since being traded from the Cleveland Cavaliers Wednesday night.

"Leaving was inevitable", he proclaimed. "I could feel it".

"They didn't want me there", he says. In an interview with ESPN, it was revealed the Cavaliers explored trading the point guard before he even made the request to be sent to a new team.

"We wanted to figure out, is this real?" said Altman to ESPN's Dave McMenamin.

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It take two to tango and Irving wants to make sure the other partner in the dance wasn't excluded, while LeBron thinks the notion the Cavs wanted to move him 'makes absolutely no sense'.

He has, faster than most of us expected, and with that the Celtics are on top of the East and Irving is mentioned in MVP discussions. Any questions of lingering resentment also seemed to be answered when James and Irving hugged it out when the Celtics and Cavs played in the season-opener. "I can do that anytime".

"I had a talk with Dan in the most professional way possible", Irving says. "I'm talking about RJ and JR", Lue said, citing teammates Richard Jefferson and Smith.

As the world turns (or flips, if you're Kyrie), the revisionism of the breakup between Irving and James is still unfolding.

"He's gotten by in the halfcourt his whole life because his handle is so good, he never felt the urgency to press the ball, whereas most guys develop their game as to what they need to do to succeed".

Lue confirmed the incident, saying, "Kyrie is a great player". "Please tell him I wish him the best".

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