The Game Boy Is Coming Back, Hyperkin's Ultra GB Plays Original Cartridges

The Game Boy Is Coming Back, Hyperkin's Ultra GB Plays Original Cartridges

Gizmodo says the handheld will also have a backlid LCD screen to help you see the retro black and white games, including Tetris and Super Mario Land.

Nintendo has tapped in to the millennial appetite for retro gaming by releasing shrunken versions of its original NES and SNES consoles, with built-in games, to huge success. The peripheral manufacturer is now working on an updated version of the classic Game Boy tentatively called the Ultra Game Boy.

The original Game Boy sold 119 million units before it was discontinued in 2003 and is the third best-selling games console of all time. The company, if you recall, developed a Game Boy-like mobile accessory for Android smartphones after an April Fools' Day gag in 2015 generated far more attention than the company could have hoped for.

It's impossible to count how many hours we spent (wasted) blowing air into cartridges, swapping games, and charging up that little lad who actually had a surprisingly long battery life considering. It doesn't come pre-installed with any games (it instead uses standard Game Boy cartridges), it still features volume and contrast dials, and its screen is roughly the same size as the original Game Boy's. It seems unlikely that a Classic edition of the Game Boy is next in line for Nintendo, however, as the company has other consoles it could make (a miniature Nintendo 64, anyone?). The reason for stereo speakers is for allowing musicians to create modern chiptunes using the handheld.

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Hyperkin is planning to launch the Ultra Game Boy (definitely not its final name) before the end of the summer for a price point under $100.

It has an aluminium body, a backlit LCD, 6 hour battery life, USB C charging, stereo speakers and it's aiming to be sold at less than $100 United States dollars.

"The Ultra Game Boy's housing is made from aluminum, which has a wonderful heft when you pick it up".

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