Super Mario Odyssey is Getting Free Update

Super Mario Odyssey is Getting Free Update

The Luigi's Balloon World update will hit Super Mario Odyssey this February. You hide your balloon in an already existing world and then upload it, letting others track it down.

For those who are on their journey to collect every last moon, Nintendo is bringing a new mini-game to Mario Odyssey to freshen things up and give players a little competitive spirit.

In Hide It mode, players have 30 seconds to try and place a balloon somewhere in the various locales of Super Mario Odyssey, from nooks and crannies, to acrobatic leaps of faith. In the latter, the player has 30 seconds to find balloons hidden by players from around the world.

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The DLC will also include three new outfits; Sunshine Shades, Musician Hat and Knight, as well as new filters for the snapshot mode.

There's a competitive side to this fun activity, for finding balloons quickly as well as hiding them in hard to reach spots enable players to move up in the rankings. Super Mario Odyssey is available on Nintendo Switch. Why not drop them on the new outfits coming to the game? What do you think of Balloon Mode?

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