SanDisk unveils world's smallest 1TB USB flash drive at CES 2018

SanDisk unveils world's smallest 1TB USB flash drive at CES 2018

It is having a capacity of 1TB that is half of the offering of last year's Kingston DataTraveler Ultimate GT. Since the smallest 1TV flash drive supports USB Type-C, users will simply be able to transfer data to smartphones in addition to PCs and laptops.

But real-world space is always at a premium, which makes Sandisk's new CES 2018 prototype one to get excited about. A formal launch sometime around end of this year or early next is still being speculated as the earliest we can see it reach markets. The firm has also launched the smallest 256GB USB flash drive at the conference. The flash drive also supports Universal Serial Bus Type C (USB-C) connection.

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SanDisk's newest flash drive is the smallest to feature 1TB of storage
SanDisk unveils world's smallest 1TB USB flash drive at CES 2018

The 256GB SanDisk Ultra Fit USB 3.1 Flash Drive uses a common USB Type-A connector and can add storage to your computing device without getting in the way. The expected price of the device is around $350. The particular flash drive also comes in different storage capacities.

Those familiar with tech may think that 1 TB on a flash drive is no big deal as computer company Kingston already introduced a flash drive capable of storing 2 TB. There's no pricing or availability information on those, but the fact they're packing 256GB of storage means they'll be much more affordable. They are priced at $21.99 around ₹1,400, $34.99 around ₹2,200, $59.99 around ₹3,800, $119.99 around ₹7,600 and $149.99 around ₹9,550 respectively. The first one comes from Western Digital, the second one comes from SanDisk. Two portable SSDs have also been launched. "From the parent filming a school recital on their smartphone to the drone enthusiast or pro photographer, our range of consumer solutions are created to help everyone preserve, access and share their digital world".

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