Russian army says 'eliminated' those behind Syria attack

Russian army says 'eliminated' those behind Syria attack

There were only isolated incidents when they were used for attacks'. In total, seven drones were shot down, and the others were electronically jammed and forced to land.

The Russian Defense Ministry added that all manpower and materiel of Russia's multilevel military intelligence system in Syria had been involved in the operation.

Russian Federation claims that three drones were successfully captured and are being examined.

"The site was destroyed by a strike with the high precision artillery Krasnopol", a Defense Ministry statement said. "Each drone used in the attack carried 10 such ammunition pieces", Novikov said. He said that they could have been made "with the participation of specialists educated in countries that make and use this sort of UAV".

According to the military official, the substance "cannot be manufactured homemade or extracted from other ammo".

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The Russian Defense Ministry earlier reported that on January 6 militants in Syria had massively used UAVs for the first time when attacking Russia's Hmeymim airbase and the naval supply base in Tartus. The province has become the main rallying point for various rebel factions after Syrian government forces won control over large swathes of territory thanks to Russian support.

"We know who they are, who paid who for this provocation, and what the actual sum was".

"The Russian military reconnaissance has uncovered a terrorist fixed-wing drone assembly and storage place in the province of Idlib".

Putin said the drones looked primitive but contained high-tech elements allowing precision satellite guidance and release of munitions.

The mortar shelling and drone attack came just weeks after Russian President Vladimir Putin declared a victory in Syria and ordered a partial troop withdrawal from the country.

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