N. Korea Defector Is Immune to Anthrax

N. Korea Defector Is Immune to Anthrax

The U.S. has increased sanctions on North Korea following missile tests.

He started his career as a civilian aeronautics technician, but now wears the uniform of a military general at the Munitions Industry Department, according to experts and the South Korean government.

Nearly a half of all North Korean leader Kim Jong Un's activities reported this year by the country's official media were military-related, a Tokyo-based agency said Wednesday.

North Korea's nuclear activities will continue as the new year approaches with the reclusive country's efforts to enhance its nuclear capabilities in the future, its state media said Saturday. The test was Pyongyang's third ICMB test this year and its 20th ballistic missile launch of this year.

That launch came despite months of increasing pressure, especially at the United Nations with China and Russia's backing. The sanctions have been greeted with stout condemnation, even a "categorical rejection" of the United Nations resolution ~ "The US is terrified by the North's nuclear force and is getting more and more frenzied in the moves to impose pressure on our country".

Despite Bossert's warning, the State Department has said it is moving forward in the hopes of doing just that and eventually convincing Kim to come to the table for denuclearization talks.

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"Anthrax antibodies have been found in the North Korean soldier who defected this year", said a South Korean intelligence official, who spoke to the station anonymously. Baik also pointed out that the two North Koreans had already been under U.N. Security Council sanctions.

On December 22, the UN Security Council unanimously imposed new sanctions on North Korea for its recent intercontinental ballistic missile test, seeking to limit its access to refined petroleum products and crude oil and its earnings from workers overseas.

It was not immediately clear if Trump was referring to the report or U.S. intelligence in his tweet, or if he was accusing China - the North's main ally - of directly violating sanctions targeting Pyongyang.

It says the United States does not at all understand the top commander of the North Korean military. Pundits attribute the falling frequency to North Korea's increased confidence towards its state power.

South Korea's military is working on an anthrax vaccine, but according to Defense Ministry spokeswoman Choi Hyun-soo one will only be developed by the end of 2019.

And in early December, a state-run newspaper in China's Jilin Province, which borders North Korea and Russian Federation, published a page of "common sense" advice on how readers can protect themselves from a nuclear weapons attack or explosion.

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