Keith Jackson, iconic college football announcer, dies at 89

Keith Jackson, iconic college football announcer, dies at 89

Legendary college football announcer Keith Jackson died Friday.

31 Oct 1998: Indiana Basketball Coach Bobby Knight speaks with ABC Sportscaster Keith Jackson during the game against the Ohio State Buckeyes and the Indiana Hoosiers at the Memorial Stadium in Bloomington, Indiana.

"Truly one of the greats in the broadcasting industry", Harris said on Twitter.

Jackson called a number of iconic games, including his final game, the 2006 Rose Bowl between Texas and USC.

Although Jackson will always be linked to his beloved college football, his career at ABC also included being the first "Monday Night Football" play-by-play announcer, a staple on "Wide World of Sports" and Olympic broadcasts.

Jackson spent 56 years broadcasting college football, including 15 Rose Bowls. "When you heard his voice, you knew it was a big game".

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He also called Woody Hayes' infamous last game in 1978, the Gator Bowl between Clemson and the Buckeyes. "RIP Keith", Herbstreit wrote.

He is credited with nicknaming the Rose Bowl, "The Granddaddy of Them All" and Michigan Stadium as the "Big House". "One of the greatest to ever do it".

A true college football legend has passed away.

Jackson was born on October 18, 1928, in Georgia and served in the Marines before attending Washington State University, where he started his broadcasting career in the early 1950s.

Jackson will forever be remembered and dearly missed.

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