IV fluids in short supply after hurricane

IV fluids in short supply after hurricane

More than $4.4 million in public assistance has been obligated for Hurricane Maria throughout the territory and more than $113.9 million for Hurricane Irma.

Saline solutions are frequently used to treat patients: most commonly to help administer drugs.

Flu season has turned out to be a bad one and it came early, bringing patients in need of fluids into hospitals already running low. "I see it as a crisis".

Thank you for the recent acknowledgement of the JaxPort partnership that organized, funded and delivered more than 500,000 pounds of donated relief items so desperately needed by the people of Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria.

The last of the three Baxter International factories on the island was reconnected just before Christmas, but intermittent power outages have kept the plants from resuming full production. Only a few companies make the solutions and IV bags, which makes it a nationwide problem.

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Hospitals across the United States are facing a unsafe shortage of IV fluid bags.

Now many hospitals are only getting half or two-thirds of what they order, and have only a few days' worth of saline on their shelves.

"Certainly it's presented challenges; however, we are not at the point of giving patients Gatorade in the emergency department as some facilities are", said Startsman.

McLaren Northern Michigan Hospital in Petoskey has been working around a shortage of smaller IV bags for several months. Ohio Health System will evaluate its new practices to see which are cost effective and should be kept, said pharmacy services heard Curt Passafume Jr. "That has a huge impact on our nursing care", said Calvert.

In addition to meeting with state troopers, the group plans to visit a children's hospital in San Juan, a health center in Loiza and a shelter in Canovanas.

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