India Willoughby: Women like me are drowned out by the LGBT narrative

India Willoughby: Women like me are drowned out by the LGBT narrative

Celebrity Big Brother housemate, India Willoughby has said that she feels that "women like her" have been drowned out by the current "LGBT narrative that is going on".

While Australia has long outgrown the Big Brother franchise, the series is still popular in the United Kingdom, producing both a celebrity and regular version.

In her short time on the series she's already won immunity, a talent quest and been so well received, people are already tipping her to win.

She went on to admit to her housemates that she saw drag queens as mocking transgender people like herself, and later went on to liken blackfaced minstrels to men wearing drag.

Speaking to Dapper Laughs, she said: "I've had two rows, the bed incident.and everything else has been placid hasn't it? it's been chitty chatty sort of thing".

The first eviction will take place on Friday 12th January, with the female celebrities revealing during Tuesday's episode their nominations for who they want to leave the house.

He added: "Some people will be like 'Lets keep her in and see how bad it gets!'"

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The interaction began when Willoughby, who is a transgender broadcaster in the United Kingdom, asked Ginuwine, a D.C. native, if he would date a transgender woman.

India nominated Ann and Ginuwine, while Amanda Barrie opted for India and Jonny, admitting she hadn't gotten to know the love rat because he's been at the edge of the group since entering the house.

I've honestly never heard anyone speak so eloquently about LGBT rights with the patience (of a saint!) and respect Shane just has.

In just over a week, India has managed to cause several fights in the Big Brother house with the most recent row including Courtney Act and Andrew Brady. "People have done very well out of that".

The recently emerged photos show the newsreader looking cosy with a number of drag queens, leaving fans baffled by the frequent references to her "phobia" of drag queens.

Sharing the snap back in May, India wrote: "Conchita - what are you doing here?" Educate yourselves, listen and evolve, ' one viewer wrote. "I personally think Daniel is hilarious and hope everyone relaxes their views on him!"

One CBB viewer tweeted: 'It's wonderful how India has an incredible phobia of drag queens.

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