Fury as supermarket staff 'open' Creme Eggs to find prized white edition

Fury as supermarket staff 'open' Creme Eggs to find prized white edition

But it's not just the prestige (and the inevitable Instagram) people are after - you can win money by finding the white eggs.

Chocolate fans went wild last week when Cadbury's announced that they will be selling a limited number of white chocolate Creme Eggs in the run up to Easter this year.

In the United Kingdom, grocery shoppers are sharing photos of Cadbury Creme Eggs that they say have been unwrapped and not-so-carefully re-wrapped by people looking for the elusive alabaster candy.

CADBURY'S has launched a real-life Charlie and the Chocolate Factory-style challenge - causing a scramble across the country for rare white chocolate eggs.

Sweet-toothed shoppers have vented online that the white Creme Eggs are being poached before they make it to shelves.

Simple but effective: look at the ingredients list which will say white chocolate.

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The revelation comes after one Twitter user spotted a bunch of creme eggs in his local Sainsbury's that appeared to have been wrapped and unwrapped again by employees on the hunt for the prize.

And it's only on sale at one major supermarket - Tesco, which is running a three for £1 deal on the chocolate eggs.

So you'll be interested to hear that there is, in fact, a stealthy way of telling whether you've got a white chocolate Creme Egg from the outside, too.

The white chocolate Creme Egg will have the same gooey fondant yolk centre as the classic Creme Eggs, but will have a white chocolate shell instead of a milk chocolate one.

They could be hidden inside single wrapped eggs, which cost around 58p, or in five packs which cost £2.85. Everywhere. White chocolate ones.

Co-op - 1 egg worth £2,000 and 90 worth £200.

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