France tries to stem damage from failed baby milk recall

France tries to stem damage from failed baby milk recall

Three dozen children are thought to have fallen ill.

"Lactalis will take back every single box of baby dairy products manufactured in the site of Craon (in northwestern France), regardless of the (production) date", the minister told a press conference following a meeting with Lactalis executives.

French consumer protection agency DGCCRF first ordered a recall about a month ago after Lactalis discovered salmonella contamination in one of its factories.

Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire on Thursday said the reputation of France's agri-business industry risked being hurt after supermarkets admitted they had failed to remove potentially contaminated baby food products and deepened a health scare.

The botched recall is particularly embarrassing for the government after President Emmanuel Macron pushed food exports during a state visit to China this week.

France is one of the major exporters of food, such as wine and dairy products.

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Le Maire has summoned Lactalis for talks on Friday.

The initial recall only concerned products made since February 2017.

But even after that, the products were still available at supermarkets and other retailers in the country.

However, the products still managed to find its way to the shelves of large supermarket chains, with retailers selling over 2,200 recalled packages of baby food.

A French judicial investigation was launched in December and consumer protection association UFC-Que Choisir said it had filed a lawsuit against Lactalis for alleged fraud.

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