Former Big Brother star Rebekah Shelton has died, aged 32

Former Big Brother star Rebekah Shelton has died, aged 32

After living as a trans woman for two years prior, she announced the news on social media saying: "I've had my sex change in Rio with Dr Marcio Littleton". Please stop spreading this news. My lawyer is already working on this and this person who wants to spoil my happiness is going to pay for it!'

"No way I remember when she was on Big Brother before her transition and I and she was one of my favourite ever people to have ever entered the big brother house and I've watch her transformation during the years it's so sad rest in peace", posted one shocked fan. I've been through hell today because someone used my Twitter account to write that stupid status about me. "I'm on holiday... and I am not dead".

The transgender "Big Brother" star Rebekah Shelton, who appeared on the show as Rodrigo Lopes in 2009, died Wednesday night at the age of 32.

Numerous friends of the reality TV star believed she had "died unexpectedly", with many paying tribute. She later said she had made a full recovery. She remained on the show for just under three months (making it through to the final), and was a much-liked housemate with the viewing public.

The former Big Brother star spoke to Daily Star Online back in May, 2017 about the turning point when she knew her gender reassignment surgery was the right decision.

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She had told OK! It's not easy to be a different person. I'm not sure what I would do if I could go back in time'.

Speaking previously about his transition, she said: "The only thing I wish is that that my family will learn to accept me".

Last year, she said she was struggling to cope because she felt so isolated after turning to prostitution.

She later followed it up with a tweet which read: "Although it was a awful experience to find out that I was dead, the positive thing is that I realise that I'm loved and so many people cared about me".

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